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Saturday, October 31, 2015

October Favorites

It is autumn! Well... Maybe in other parts of the world, but in Malaysia it's just regular old summer with a little haze. I haven't had the chance to experience autumn myself. So far I've only experience late spring, early summer, and late winter. So I have no idea what autumn is like. Maybe one day...

The first favourite of this month is definitely Manic Panic. They were pretty cheap and I got them delivered to me without any extra expensive shipping fees all the way from the States. Needless to say, they were a steal. 

I could find them being sold in Malaysia before as well, but they only came in limited colours and were pretty pricey considering the tubs themselves were tiny. If you have long and thick hair, consider purchasing more than one tub especially if you're going to dye your whole head as they're pretty small. Also consider purchasing their bleach kit 40 while you're at it.

2. Ultraman Max

I had just recently finished Ultraman Cosmos and was stuck in a rut because it's extremely hard to find downloads or streams for Ultraman. But I managed to find Ultraman Max on YouTube and fell in love immediately.

Ultraman Max has a great cast, story and concept. Except, I don't really like how he kinda destroyed a kaiju in the first episode. I love kaiju and watching one being blown up was kinda painful. ;-;

3. Kamen Rider Den-O

Okay. So I knew this was coming. With the fact that the Ultraman series was hard to find, the next best thing would be Kamen Rider right? Right.

The reason I chose to watch Den-O was because of Momotaros. I saw him in one of the movies (I don't remember which one as there are so many) and I immediately wanted to watch the series. Pair that with the fact that Momotaros is voiced by my favourite Japanese voice actor, Seki Toshihiko. Some of the more notable roles he's done (to me at least) are Genjo Sanzo Gensoumaden Saiyuki, Umino Iruka from Naruto & Naruto Shippuden and also Senketsu from Kill la Kill.


4. Kamen Rider OOO

Kamen Rider OOO is a rider who I didn't take any notice of until I watched a video on YouTube which had all the Kamen Rider transformations. In my opinion, OOO has the best transformation among all the riders.

The man who voices the transformations is Kushida Akira. He's a pretty popular Japanese singer who has sung for various other shows. I looked him up and apparently he has the same birthday as me. Whaaaaat.

5. SOOAE Snail Hand Cream

I'm in love with this hand cream because it's super light and keeps my hands moisturized. Also because it's so light on your skin, it doesn't give you that sticky feeling whenever you've applied a lotion to your hands.

I have sweaty hands, so other hand lotions feel a lot oilier and stickier compared to this. I definitely recommend it, but before you go slathering your hands in the stuff, make sure you test it out on your skin first!

You can get your own Sooae Snail Hand Cream here.

My Haunted House

Happy Halloween!

Although Malaysia doesn't necessarily immerse itself in the Halloween spirit, yu can still see a bunch of Halloween themed decorations at every major store or mall. We don't get pumpkin spice themed desserts or drinks either, which is a bummer cause I see them all over Tumblr and Instagram. I think the closest thing we have to something autumn-themed is the salted caramel frappes and lattes at Starbucks.

Anyway, to keep with the Halloween spirit, I thought I should share a few of my scary personal stories. If you're not a fan of ghost stories then click away. You have been warned.

To give you a little bit of context, I grew up in a haunted house or rather a haunted neighborhood. Although everything has become significantly more developed, the neighborhood, especially the local park, still keeps its historical WWII era look. My neighborhood and home were both built on the remnants of a WWII POW camp. In fact, many people from all over the world still come to the park every year to pay their respects to the fallen soldiers.

A lot of blood was shed here, which is probably why I grew up hearing a number of different stories about the surrounding houses and buildings.

My house is just like any other house in the neighborhood. With a red roof, painted gates, a green lawn, bougainvillea flowers and surrounded tall mango trees. It's a very typical scene you will see time and time again especially in this small suburban town.

Restless Soldiers

As my home was built near a WWII POW camp, there are bound to be some stories about soldiers being sighted in and around the neighborhood.

It was midnight (as it always is in these stories), and my brother was coming down the stairs to get himself a glass of water from the kitchen. Maybe even a snack. It started out as a distant rumble at first, but it grew louder. He couldn't make the sound out at first so he listened. The sounds grew louder and they morphed into a mix of voices and loud footsteps. He soon recognized that it was the sound of marching. The sounds were loud enough now that it seemed like they were right in front of our house. Moving quickly, he made his way to the living room window and peeked outside. The moment he did, the sounds disappeared and there was no one outside.

That wasn't the only time eerie sounds of soldiers were heard, however. There is this room at the back left corner of my house, which always seemed to give me the creeps. If you sleep in that room alone, you would always get the feeling that someone is watching you. It doesn't really matter whether the curtains are drawn or not. There was a time when my brother had to sleep by himself in that room. It was early in the morning. The sun had not risen yet and my brother was asleep. When suddenly he was woken up by the sound of someone screaming orders in Japanese. "Okiro!" All he could do was freeze in place and listen, but the voice never said anything more.

Phantom Footsteps

Occasionally, be it day or night, you'll be able to hear footsteps running across the floor upstairs.

Our living room is right underneath the upstairs entertainment area. It's basically like a family room where we sit and watch TV together. The floor is wooden, so if you run or even walk across the room your footsteps would be heard clearly by whoever is sitting in the living room downstairs.

I've heard of many instances where people have heard these phantom footsteps run across the floor but had never experienced it myself. Until one Christmas when I was sitting with my eldest brother in the living room. We were the only ones left in the house as everyone had gone off about their business. When suddenly there were 3 loud footsteps from above us.

We both looked up and waited for whoever it was to continue walking, but they never did. My brother and I just looked at each other, smiled, shrugged and went left the living room.

These phantom footsteps aren't only heard in the living room, but also in the kitchen as well. Above the kitchen is my parents' bedroom. I was sitting in the kitchen with my maid (having a maid is not that uncommon here in Southeast Asia). We were the only ones at home at the time when the sound of footsteps running across the floor above us interrupted our conversation. We both laughed and just shrugged it off. At this point, we were already used to the phantom footsteps.


These aren't the only spooky stories I have to tell. I'll reveal the rest in Part 2 of this post. Have you had any spooky things happen to your at your house?

Friday, October 16, 2015

Incoming Postcards for Postcrossing (October 2015)

Inna in Belarus
It's that time of the month again!
Above is a postcard from Inna who lives in Belarus. Inna is currently studying Biotechnology in university, loves reading books and hopes to come and visit Malaysia one day. I hope you get to visit Malaysia one day. :)

Gina in Taiwan

I received 8 postcards to date from Taiwan, Germany, America, Canada, Russia and Belarus.

The first one is from Gina in Taiwan. She recently went to an exhibition by Yayoi Kusama, so the postcard she sent me is themed as such.

It's a cool looking pumpkin and is one of the more modern and interesting card subjects I've ever received. :) Thank you so much, Gina!
Below is a card from Natasha in Russia. I've been getting a lot of artsy looking postcards lately and I've been loving all of them!

I don't think there was an explanation about the painting on this postcard, but it's still very pretty.

Natasha in Russia

Levie from the US
This particular postcard from Levie in the States features an artist called Choe. Levie talked a lot about the artist, which I loved. It's nice to be able to learn new things whenever I get a postcard so I really appreciate the time she took to write down all the details. Levie is a retired nurse who enjoys reading, cooking, crafting and watching movies! All of those except cooking are my favorite things! ^^

Nataliya in Denmark
Nataliya from Denmark wrote down a quote in her language. I tried translating it with Google Translate, but I didn't get a coherent translation from it so I still don't understand what it means. Maybe I can ask someone at my office.

Yulie in Taiwan
Another popular postcard theme I have been receiving lately is animals. Dogs and cats to be specific. I love them very much cause I really like animals. This particular postcard from Yulie is smaller than my other 4x6 sized postcards. Yulie has an adorable  black mini poodle who is naughty, loves to sleep on cushions and occasionally barks in his sleep. o(>w<)o So cute!

Tan in Canada
I think this is the first postcard I've received from Canada. I didn't realize until I registered the postcard while writing this. The postcard shows the Nisga'a Museum in British Columbia (I'm guessing). You can clearly see the inside of the museum.

Kitty in Ymuiden
Another cute puppy postcard!! This time, it came in an envelope. Kitty lives about 20km from Amsterdam in a fishing village. I can only imagine what kind of beautiful place it is. :)

Happy Postcrossing!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Hair Dye | Beauty Review

I've always wanted to dye my hair a bright colour. Whenever I googled hair dyes, I'd always come across the brand Manic Panic, but I could never find the brand here in Malaysia. Once in a while I would come across a seller in Malaysia, but the products would always be overpriced with limited color choices, so I never bought them. So when I saw this deal for Manic Panic in Malaysia, I jumped at the chance and bought myself 3 tubs including a bleach kit!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tamagotchi Collection

I've been obsessed with Tamagotchi for a very long time. I don't remember exactly when it was that I started really getting into the toy, but it was around when I started pre-university I think. I had finally moved to KL and could get things delivered to me without worrying about my mum nagging me about spending money.... 
First of all, my collection isn't that large. I prefer the Japanese colored versions of Tamagotchi, so a big bulk of my money went into purchasing them. So far, the only non-coloured Tamagotchi I have are the Tamagotchi Music Star, the Tamagotchi Friends and Tamagotchi Tama-GO (not pictured).

For my coloured screen Tamas, I have the Tamagotchi ID, the ID L (English version), Ps and the 4U. My newest addition is the 4U, which I purchased around November last year. I'm still trying to figure out how to properly use the touch feature on the 4U though.

My favourite Tamagotchi has to be the Music Star and the ID L. In terms of characters and the buttons, the ID L is the best. In my humble opinion of course. I'm thinking of getting another ID L, but they just came out with the Tamagotchi 4U+? 

ಥ_ಥ There goes my savings.... 

From top to bottom, left to right: Tamagotchi Music Star, ID L, Ps, Friends, ID and 4U