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9 great ways to use your postcards

Even though we live in a digital age, postcards are still a great way to communicate. They're small and easy to carry, and you can get creative with them in a way that you can't with other ways of communicating. 

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Here are 10 fun ways that I like to use postcards:

Share Love 

Whether it's Valentine's Day or just an ordinary day, sending a postcard with a heartfelt message can be a sweet gesture to express your love. 

I personally use the postcards in my collection to write love notes to my husband and hide them under his pillow or in his work bag. It works out great cause he's happy and my postcards don't go to waste! I think it's even cuter when you actually mail it out and they receive it in the mail. Thinking about it now, it would also be great for those of you who are in long-distance relationships!

Celebrate Achievements

When someone you know accomplishes something significant, like graduating or tying the knot, you can celebrate their success with a congratulatory postcard.

Recently, a friend of mine went back to South Korea for a holiday and came back with a postcard which she decorated with cute little wedding-themed stickers. She was not able to attend my wedding and instead gave me a postcard as a congratulations (along with a monetary gift hehe). She wrote no words, just filled the whole back of the chick-shaped postcard with cute stickers and I love it!

Special Occasions: 

Birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays can be made extra special with postcards. You can pick ready-made ones or get creative and design your own.

If you're like me and already have a large postcard collection because of Postcrossing (or just because you're just a tiny bit of a hoarder), you can use them as gift tags instead of buying expensive cards from the store. Postcards usually come in packs in various designs and are much cheaper than actual greeting cards so I prefer to use them. Plus, the limited space available means I don't feel as pressured to write so much. 😌

Business Promotion:

Postcards can serve as a handy tool for promoting your business. Print them with an eye-catching message and graphics, and share them with potential clients.

As an illustrator with a small business, I do know some fellow artists who use postcards as Thank-you cards as well. Some create custom designs while others would just stamp their socials and information at the back after adding a handwritten thank you message. I personally create custom postcards with my socials printed so customers can get a mini print of my art and still have my contact information.

Remember the Date: 

Jot down a special day on the back of a postcard and hang it in your home or stick it in your journal to remember special occasions.

I like to do this a lot especially when I first started dating my husband. I would write down things like the first time we spent Christmas together, our first date, the first time he met my family, etc. along with a brief description of what happened. Some I have in my journal and others I have stuck on the wall in my office at home. It just reminds me of the special moments we've had together.

Artistic Expression: 

If you're artistically inclined, use postcards as a canvas for your creativity. Each card can be a unique piece of art or part of a series that tells a story.

Sometimes when we buy a pack of postcards, we find one or two that don't have a particularly appealing design. I would paint on the back of these postcards as practice. It's quite challenging as the canvas is much smaller. And if you mess up, you won't feel that bad. 😆

Travel Journal: 

When you're on the road, use postcards to jot down your thoughts and memories about the places you visit. Add photos, notes, dates, and locations for a travel journal.

When I travel, I write notes on the back of postcards and send them to myself. Since snail mail tends to arrive much later than your typical email, it's quite exciting to receive a little reminder of your trip in the mail 1-2 months after you come home. Plus, if you're overseas, it can be quite exciting to learn how the post system works in different parts of the world! (or maybe that's just me?)

Home Decor: 

Postcards can be an affordable way to spruce up your living space. Frame them or create a stylish photo board to add a personal touch to your home decor.

I love to frame postcards I bought during my trips as they remind me of my holiday. I would often choose postcards that have images of the place I'm visiting so I can frame them and use them as decoration!

Pen Pal Fun: 

Connect with people worldwide by starting a pen pal program using postcards. Swap cards and get to know someone from a different part of the world.

This one is a no-brainer. If you haven't heard of Postcrossing, do give it a go! Sign-up is free and you can send postcards to people all over the world and receive postcards safely!


I hope this list helps you use those postcards you've been hoarding! 




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