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Cat food brands I use for happier cats

Basically a guide to how I keep my cats fat hahaha


When I first got my cats, I knew I didn't want to feed them cheap supermarket cat food. I mean, my old cat survived on Whiskas for years (he was a typical outdoor cat) but that doesn't mean I have to feed my babies the same way.  

Although I would like to feed my cats different luxury brand foods every day, my wallet won't allow for that so I tried my best to find brands that wouldn't cause any long-term health issues, keep them happy, and keep my wallet happy. 


The first time I brought Cooper home, we went to a large pet shop chain and bought a bunch of food that we thought would be okay for her. Mostly canned food from Kit Cat as they had a good reputation for putting only quality ingredients in their cat food. 

The most important thing to look out for in good cat food is that it's grain-free, high in protein and colouring-free. Most cat food uses low-grade meat/parts in their food. You can of course find brands that use quality meat in their products but these are usually a little bit more expensive. 

In my house, the cats are not free-fed. As in, we don't keep food out for them to graze on 24/7. They are fed every morning and night. Mostly because Sunbeam is a glutton and would down any amount of food even to the point of throwing up later cause he's just that kind of a cat. So we have a set schedule to feed them.

I used to feed them wet food every morning, and then kibbles at night. Then it was just kibbles exclusively and wet food on the weekends. Then I changed it up again. You don't have to do this of course but Cooper is a picky eater and she tends to get bored if I just give the same foods over and over again. So I like to switch it up hoping she won't leave her food untouched. Funnily enough, she's not a slave for wet food. Instead, she goes crazy for bread (like her mom).

Don't give your cats bread, please. I pinch off tiny bits of my sandwich bread once in a while and let her enjoy it. I never give more than 2 tiny pieces. Barely even the size of your fingernail. Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they should be eating more protein than carbs. 

Before moving on, I'd like to preface my list by saying that I mix 4 different cat foods together to give my cats benefits from different types of food. So I would mix a 5kg batch at a time and it would last me about a month before I have to mix up more for the kitties. It is important to change your cat's food gradually and this is how I do it. I usually mix higher protein kibbles in a larger ratio to the other kibbles. The ratio is 2:2:1:1. So any of the cat foods that you mix at a 1 ratio, you can switch out as you please so you don't shock your cat's system too much. 

This has worked for me so far but your kitties might be different so don't be afraid to change up the ratios based on their needs and reactions.

Now, on to my list:  

1. Kit Cat

This brand is from Singapore and comes in small cans and larger cans too. I prefer the smaller cans as I can clearly see chunks of chicken or fish depending on the flavour. The larger cans give me dog food vibes. They also have a stronger smell, which is great if your cat has the flu and can't really smell anything. Stronger-smelling foods will help get their appetite going. They also have a website where you can check the ingredients of their products and other information. I usually purchase them on Shopee as they're cheaper than in store.

Prices: RM3.25+ (small cans) & 4.25+ (large cans)


2. Molly

This is a French brand and has really affordable kibbles for your kitties. You can check out their website here

I used to give Sunny and Cooper their Mother & Kitten kibbles. They're great for pregnant kitties and kittens but as they grew up, I eventually shifted them over to Adult Hairball or Adult Indoor flavours. I like to mix it up as they all taste (I guess) and smell different. My cats have never thrown up eating this food or had any other digestive problems. This cat food also comes in smaller packs so you can let your kitties try it first before purchasing a larger amount. I tend to get their 2kg bags and mix it at a 1 ratio in the cat food mix I make.

Price: RM17-Rm30+ (1-2kg bags)


3. Reflex+

The Reflex brand has a lower grade range and a higher grade range, which is Reflex+. Among the cat community, I always see people recommend Reflex+ as it's really affordable and really good quality. Like Molly, they come in smaller packages as well. I rotate the Reflex+ Adult Salmon, Adult Chicken, and Adult Urinary and mix them at a 1 ratio :).

Price: Rm30-40+ (2kg packs)


4. Taste of the Wild

This is my favourite brand of high-protein kibbles to use. This is a little higher on the price scale but it's worth it. My cats love the Taste of the Wild Canyon River flavour but if I can't find it, they would still eat the Rocky Mountain flavour too. These come in 1kg packs and I like to use a 2 ratio in my mixes. 

Price: RM30+ (1kg) & Rm60+ (2kg)


5. Kenko

Kenko is really budget-friendly. I was looking for a range of kibbles that would help with Sunbeam's excessive fur shedding. Instead, I got fluffy and shiny furred cats. It did help a bit with his shedding but he still sheds enough to knit a king-sized blanket. I usually buy their 4.5kg bags and it's only around Rm40+. This is also mixed in a 2 ratio in my cat's food.

Price: RM40+ (4.5kg)


6. Freeze-dried food

Lately, I've been thinking of changing my cat's diet again. There's only so much protein you can get from kibbles and there are always additives in canned food. So I purchased freeze-dried chicken breast, egg yolks, and other "snacks". I don't treat these as snacks, instead, I rehydrate them in hot water and feed them to my cats. The hot water turns into a healthy chicken soup, my cats are fuller for longer and I don't have to feed them so much <3 The downside is that I still don't know how much to feed them so I accidentally made Sunny fatter. ;w;

If you're going to try this, I highly recommend getting an elevated ceramic cat food bowl. It helps with their digestion and can withstand hot water. They also last longer :)

Price: Varies


I also give my cats extra supplements such as Brewer's Yeast, probiotics, and Salmon Oil for their fur and general health.




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