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Utterly Disappointing | TheLorry Disposal Service Review 2022

 Now, I don't usually write posts like this but I feel like it's important for everyone to know the good and the bad of every service they're paying for. This time, I'll be posting about my experience with TheLorry's disposal service. 

I placed a booking online and unfortunately, they only offered big lorries for disposal. I didn't have a lot of things, so I felt like it would be a waste of money to rent a 1-tonne lorry just to throw away some miscellaneous furniture and decorations. But fine, I paid for it and waited for the day to arrive.

You can reserve your services from the booking page on their website or their mobile app. It's quite convenient cause you can literally book anytime anywhere.
Now, on with my storytime.


One good thing I can say about TheLorry is their customer service. Although during peak hours you might have to wait your turn to talk to a Customer Service agent, they're always very helpful. I rescheduled both my move and my disposal date and there were no issues with doing so. I even kept the original drivers from my booking. 

A day before my disposal booking, the driver called asking if he could come a little earlier. His reason was that he didn't want to wait too long in line to dispose of things if he came at the time I booked. Which was fine, the faster they can get things done, the faster I can clean up after them. 

They arrived early in fact but my condo doesn't allow contractors to come in before 9am and they're strict about this so they had to wait about 8 minutes to get into the condo. When they arrived, they had their masks down to their chins, which I didn't like, but I was wearing a mask so whatever I guess.

They began throwing the items away, some of which were old chandeliers that I replaced. In this case, it is partly my fault for leaving the bulbs on the chandelier. They broke and left shards of glass everywhere in the corridor of my floor in the building. The worker asked if he could borrow a broom and dustpan, which I obliged and even helped him throw away the shards. 

After he returned it, I thought that they had cleaned up all the mess but I was sorely mistaken. Hours later, the management messaged me showing me pictures of broken bulbs all over the corridors of the ground floor. Plus, some remnants of a disintegrating mattress that I had thrown away. 

This is my first time hiring this service and I thought the disposal experts would inform me that they had some messes to clean up. I would have happily lent them my broom again or even gone down there to do it myself. But I heard from the building's management instead. 

After talking to them, I had to go out into the corridor with my housemate to clean up after them. That's when I found one of the large vases with faux flowers in the big green trashcan on the ground floor. For context, there is a giant trash bin located by the elevators of the ground floor of my building. You know those ones that people line up in front of their homes for trash day? Yeah. those ones.

 Seeing the flowers made me mad. They could have said they don't take these kinds of items and I would have disposed of them myself. 

When I messaged the driver about it, there was no reply. So, I just left an honest review and low rating on the service (and this blog post). And I still have not heard back from TheLorry. I hired this service at the end of February 2022 and it's the end of May now. No word.


If you're thinking of hiring their disposal services even after reading my post, here are a few things you should know or prepare for:

1. Prep your items (remove lightbulbs, pack old mattresses in plastic bags or wrap them, etc)

2. They do not help you throw away certain items (paint, cement left behind from construction, etc). Do ask the workers if they do or not, I didn't and that's on me.

3. Check the corridors, elevators, and ground floor for anything they may have left behind. Clean it before management finds you. 

Overall, I don't recommend it. Find another disposal service if you need to throw large bulky things away after a move. 

1 star out of 5


Have you tried their disposal services before? What was your experience?




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