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Meet my cats!


Meet Cooper and Sunbeam! ❤
2021 has been such a roller coaster of changes for me. Some expected and some not so.
I'm still very grateful for all these changes and the surprises they bring me every day.
However, enough about me. I'm supposed to be introducing my cats. haha



To be honest, I really didn't expect to get a cat this year. My plans to get a cat were far into the future and I have to admit that I did have some doubts and regrets when I finally brought her home. Will I be a good owner? What do I feed her? What do I need to teach her? How do I teach her?? These were just some of the things that I worried about before and after becoming her owner. 

Thinking back, I think it was kismet? Perfect timing. A colleague had a family of strays living behind her house and one of them brought her kittens to her backyard. She had been taking care of them and was looking for adopters. She did ask me as I was always going on and on about wanting a cat in our group chats and calls. But I always refused. 

One day, she mentioned that her mother was going to find people to adopt the kittens. By this time, my partner and I were neck deep into the cat adoption groups on Facebook. Just browsing through the posts of kittens looking for new homes. And then, I asked my colleague if she still had any kittens left.
 And she did! 

Headed out to her home in Kajang all the way from Damansara and braved the roads hoping that there wouldn't be any roadblock as it was still during MCO. It was a public holiday (don't remember which one). We didn't even have a carrier for her. Just a cardboard box (which she escaped many many times), a toy and a towel. She cried the whole 30 minutes back but was brave at the vet where she got her first shot. 

My condo doesn't allow pets (even though I've seen many people bring carriers up and down with cats and dogs in them). She cried in the elevator and blew our cover as there was another tenant in there with us. She was nice about it though. Kinda grateful Malaysians usually mind their own business. 

At first, she looked like this. A combination of orange, black and warm grey fur. She looked scruffy but her fur was very soft. The first night was hell. She cried so loud (probably looking for her mom and siblings) but eventually made herself comfortable and at home when she realized I wasn't the bad guy and always had treats and toys for her. 

She was my desk buddy and used to be able to sleep comfortably into an A6 size box. She then graduated to just lying on my mousepad or on my mouse directly while I worked.
Eventually, as she got bigger, her fur started to change into pure black. Except for her tail, which turned grey and striped like a raccoon. I still call her raccoon haha (also Poopy, Coopy, Pooper, Poopy Poo and Poo Poo don't ask why XD)

She's the brave independent kitty of the household. First to explore new areas but smart enough to not get into places where mama has said no to too many times. Yet still goofy and adorable during rare moments.

She also likes playing on the blankets, jumping into boxes, hanging out on high ledges (washing machines, shelves, desks) and running into plastic bags.



On to the second child, Sunbeam or Sunny/Beamy Boy (Bibimbap, Sunny Bunny, Sun Sun, Bim Bim, and Boboi). 

Sunny is actually the 3rd cat we brought home. Previously, there was an older tuxedo cat, Bentley, but it didn't work out and we had to take him back to the vet that adopted him out. I'll tell you about Bentley some other time. I felt terrible for a long time about it. I even decided that I didn't want a second cat and Cooper was going to be the only one until I was ready for a second.

Fast forward to a week later and the same vet called asking if we were still interested in adopting. This time they had a kitten. At first, I said no. But she was very convincing. lol 
And I agreed to meet Tai Chi (Sunbeam's original name). 

He was delivered to us all the way from Serdang by his rescuer. He was picked up from a gas station all alone and when we met him, he was huddled up at the very back of his carrier in fear.

Back in my studio, a makeshift cage was made out from the bathroom to quarantine Sunny until Cooper stopped growling and spitting at him (and also till he got used to his new home). He stayed under the sink for a while and once, we even found him underneath the toilet bowl and even behind the washing machine. 

He was a scaredy-cat but if you sat in there and played with him he would come out purring and would happily sit down next to you. 

He is about a month older than Cooper (according to the vet at least). We're just estimating as he was rescued as an older kitten but judging by his and Cooper's size difference, he is definitely older. 

He had to be quarantined for almost a month as he had a really bad case of ringworm. Even I got infected. So he had to live behind the plastic wall and just stare out to the living room area and watch as Cooper got free run of the place. He did have multiple successful escapes but got him back in just in time. Ringworm is quite contagious and we didn't want Cooper sick.

When he was finally free, he got used to everything quite slowly. He liked to hide and be by himself but Cooper helped him open up eventually.

Eventually, I learned that he was a real hunter. More so than Cooper. He would grab the toys and bite down hard like his life depended on it. The same goes for food. He would eat like he's been starving for days (even if he does get 3 meals a day, not including treats) and would steal Cooper's food/treats if he was given the chance. He eats like a dog.... Barely chews... lol

But he also had a soft side. It was clear that he was a lap cat the moment he came on the bed for the first time. 

We got him neutered when I noticed he was always mounting Cooper. Like bro. Not cool so he got snipped. He cuddles up like this very often and would sleep in the bed with me. Either on my legs, pillow or even right beside.

He's also very weird. Not the most graceful cat I've seen. In fact, he's fallen off the chair, bed, tables and even ran into the cupboard door once while he was playing.

He will sleep in weird poses. Usually, in a belly up position with his arms and legs spread like he doesn't have a care in the world. He would sleep deeply too. Until the cupboard with his food is opened. Then he's up and meowing for treats.


Cooper and Sunbeam do get along with each other. 
They do get into small disagreements and Cooper will always show him who's boss. 
Cooper is sassy like that. 

Here are some photos of them together  ❤


I've now become a full-time cat mama. It's been tough but very rewarding (isn't that what they say about children? lol) and I hope to have many more years with these two rascals. ❤

You can find more photos of Cooper and Sunbeam on their Instagram:




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