Photobook Square Insta Prints Review

Monday, July 06, 2020

Recently tried using Photobook's services to make some limited run square prints for my store.

I wanted to make some prints to sell on my store in the future and decided to test out Photobook's printing services. 

I have ordered from them in the past but it was only for 4R prints and nothing else. Their 4R prints were not bad but they weren't what I was looking for. 

So I purchased a set of 4 x 4 insta cards and it took a while to reach me (as usual). I always felt like Photobook takes longer to crank out orders even before MCO. It's probably because they get hundreds of orders every day? Not sure. But it took my order around 2 weeks to be delivered. 

And here they are:

(Please excuse the photo quality, my phone is 4 years old and on its last legs but the photos are pretty true to life).

The quality of the prints is amazing! They apparently use Fujifilm Crystal Matte paper to print these out and they feel so crisp.  I did some Googling and couldn't find any clear information on the thickness of the paper but it feels pretty sturdy. Thicker than 260gsm for sure so maybe 275 to 280gsm? Definitely not 300gsm.


While the prints do look amazing, there are some things that I didn't like about them:

Uneven Frame - The prints have a white frame around them like most insta prints do. It is part of the charm after all but they were not cut evenly. I could tell that some were cut a little crooked or some corners were thicker than others. None of it affects the quality of the print but if it bothers you then you can cut them evenly yourself later. If you do so, they won't be 4x4 prints anymore haha.

Super Saturated - I also noticed that the colours came out extremely saturated. Maybe their QC people upped the saturation a bit which is why it turned out that way. I think it would help some illustrations but the colours on mine were quite off and even made some of the details disappear like the textures I used in my Lavender Snake piece. :<

Here they are beside my own homemade stickers and even postcards I ordered. 

I print my stickers with a Canon Pixma Pro-100 on matte sticker paper. The postcard was printed on art card with matte lamination and the bottom is the print from Photobook. I guess.... All printers will have different results depending on the type of paper and finish they have?

I might have to try printing my stickers on glossy sticker paper just to test this theory out.


Overall, I'm very happy with the quality of the prints I received from Photobook and would definitely order them again in the future. Maybe I'll lower the saturation of my photos next time (though I'm afraid they would come too pale....... )


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