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Pos Malaysia: New Mail Rates for Postcards 2020

If you're a Postcrosser Malaysia and still think that international postcards only require a 50 cent stamp, think again.

Ah, yes. 

It's been a while since I updated my blog.
I am still alive and healthy. ❤

For a while, I was worried about leaving my house to go to the post office. My building and nearby areas do not have a mailbox that I can use to drop my mail so it was difficult. 

Sometime last year, I went to the post office and was told by an employee there that the cost to send postcards overseas had changed. But for the life of me, I couldn't recall what the new rates are since I have the memory of a goldfish. 

I went to the Pos Malaysia website but was never able to find the information that I needed. It was either the website was broken, links lead to pages that didn't exist or the info I did find was waaaaaay outdated. Pos Malaysia also has a bad habit of uploading PDFs to announce their updated info instead of just updating their actual website. I don't know why that is but it screams lazy to me. 

Long story short, I went to the nearest post office in my area to ask them a few a lot of questions. I was also doing research on shipping rates as I plan to open up my store in the near future and needed more information before I proceeded with anything.

The lady at the counter was helpful and tried to answer my questions. I even had a print out of one of the PDFs from their website but as expected, she couldn't tell me everything I needed to know. 
I asked her about the rates to send an international postcard and she told me it was 50 cents. I tried to clarify with her but she assured me that it was 50 cents. 

To be fair all my postcards since I joined Postcrossing 4 years ago just had a 50 cent stamp and have arrived at all their destinations without a hitch.

But, I feel like Malaysian Postcrossers should still know the current mail rates.

Credits to: Postcardsadventure

Thank you to Postcardsadventure on IG for posting this!
Do follow them on IG and check out their postcard store on Shopee and Lazada (not a sponsor haha)!
They have lots of cute designs :3

I was so surprised to see that international postcards require 90 cents worth of stamps. I literally asked that post office employee just 2 weeks before and I got different information. 

Time to start sending more postcards!

Anyone else sending out postcards during Corona season?
Did your postcards arrive safely? Or did they take longer to arrive than usual? 




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