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4 Reasons Why You Need an Elevated Cat Bowl

As a cat owner, you probably know that feeding your feline friend is an important part of their daily routine. But did you know that how you feed your cat can impact their health and well-being? One way to improve your cat's feeding experience is by using elevated cat bowls, which come with several benefits.

Ortolana Art Store: Preview Sale!

I've decided to open my shop for a Preview Sale!

After agonizing for a long time whether I should do it ahead of schedule, I decided (with the help of some very amazing colleagues and friends) that I should just take the plunge and launch a mini Preview Sale for my online store!

(Thank you Nithya, Usha & Maya for being the last push I needed to be able to do this! Ya'll da best!)

It's just a mini 3-day sale before I actually open my stores officially on my website and Shopee but I'm already freaking out hahaha. 

I also made a mistake sharing my Instagram post in my family's Whatsapp group and my dad went and shared it to all the extended family Whatsapp groups hahaha. I mean thanks but I wasn't expecting that to happen and I don't really like my family knowing what I'm doing. 
It was really difficult deciding whether I should even share in my family's group chat and boom... Three other chats get shared the post lol

On the other hand, I'm really grateful for the support my family + extended family are showing me. They legit went out in full force to like my photo and follow my art account when they really didn't have to. TwT 

But now I feel more pressured to post amazing amazing amaaaaazing art because all of them are watching and I will most likely be asked about it when I see them in real life..... .-. 
I'm already dreading that haha.

My store will be opening soon.

I don't expect amazing sales or anything. 
I'm just glad that I'm taking a step towards a goal I've always had.

Hopefully, I'll be able to create more products in the future!





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