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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Ortolana Art Store: Preview Sale!

I've decided to open my shop for a Preview Sale!

After agonizing for a long time whether I should do it ahead of schedule, I decided (with the help of some very amazing colleagues and friends) that I should just take the plunge and launch a mini Preview Sale for my online store!

(Thank you Nithya, Usha & Maya for being the last push I needed to be able to do this! Ya'll da best!)

It's just a mini 3-day sale before I actually open my stores officially on my website and Shopee but I'm already freaking out hahaha. 

I also made a mistake sharing my Instagram post in my family's Whatsapp group and my dad went and shared it to all the extended family Whatsapp groups hahaha. I mean thanks but I wasn't expecting that to happen and I don't really like my family knowing what I'm doing. 
It was really difficult deciding whether I should even share in my family's group chat and boom... Three other chats get shared the post lol

On the other hand, I'm really grateful for the support my family + extended family are showing me. They legit went out in full force to like my photo and follow my art account when they really didn't have to. TwT 

But now I feel more pressured to post amazing amazing amaaaaazing art because all of them are watching and I will most likely be asked about it when I see them in real life..... .-. 
I'm already dreading that haha.

My store will be opening soon.

I don't expect amazing sales or anything. 
I'm just glad that I'm taking a step towards a goal I've always had.

Hopefully, I'll be able to create more products in the future!