I'm on Ko-Fi!


As you can see from the banner above, I am now on Ko-Fi!  ❤︎ 

If you don't know what Ko-Fi is, it's just a way you can help show me some monetary support to help me reach my goals!

You can choose to donate to me every month or just as a one-off payment.

Once you've made your payment, you can then access my private posts and galleries with my sketchbook photos, videos and maybe even downloads! 


Why Ko-Fi?

Honestly, I also have a Patreon account but I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in becoming a part of my community yet and I don't know what kind of Patron Rewards to give out since I don't do anything like podcasts, videos or streams. Deciding pricing is also a pain in the neck so I might explore that later on down the road hopefully. ❤︎ 


Do you have to buy me a coffee?

No no no~ This is just an option for everyone. 

So, if you like my products and want to help me do more in the future, the donations will greatly help me out by letting me order more vinyl stickers from Stickermule (those are fken expensive wtf), purchase better sticker paper, buy a new camera for vlogging, get better packaging for shipping or even just pay my electricity bill. 

Again, this is totally optional!





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