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4 Reasons to add AirKitchen to your travel plans

Learn to cook a Japanese dish with AirKitchen!

I recently returned from a trip to Osaka and had the chance to try out AirKitchen and I absolutely loved my experience! It was my first time in Osaka and my first time trying out a cooking class in a foreign country but I was so happy that I decided to try it out. 

If you haven't heard about AirKitchen, they're a company that lets travelers learn to cook Japanese cuisine in the home of a Japanese host. 

They have hosts in multiple cities:

And it's really easy to book your experience! 
I think the only thing they have to improve on is the backend. It gave me a hard time in the beginning because I didn't know how to communicate with my host. Fortunately, I figured it out after an embarrassingly long time. Apart from that, booking was simple and once you are able to set a date and time to meet up with your host, you're golden. 

I signed up for this class:


Now, why should you try AirKitchen?
Here are some of the reasons I think AirKitchen is pretty great.

1. Learn to cook a new dish

If you love cooking (or not) and would like to learn the authentic way to create some of your favourite Japanese dishes while meeting and chatting with the locals, AirKitchen is for you. I don't cook often as my home doesn't really have a stove but I was able to have fun learning how to make okonomiyaki and yakisoba the way the locals made it. For me, it was the first time I had ever tasted yakisoba so I felt really lucky to be able to try a homemade version of the dish.

2. Learn about the city & culture

Since all the hosts speak English, this is your chance to ask them everything you want to know about Japan, the culture, the city, the food, etc. It's very good for people who don't really know anything about Japan or Japanese culture. I highly recommend this for first-time travellers. You can learn basic customs like saying "Itadakimasu" before your meals or something simple like experiencing sitting on a tatami mat in a washitsu (traditional Japanese room). 

3. Wide range of classes

Classes range between US$27 to AU$100 (RM110 to RM350) but you can choose the kind of classes you want. AirKitchen offers vegetarian and vegan options and you can tell your hosts directly if you have any food allergies. 

4. Make new friends

All the hosts speak English. Many have either lived abroad, teach English or have studied English somehow so you will not have any trouble making friends. Plus, we've all heard about Japanese hospitality. So if you're lucky, you'll be able to be fast friends with your host(s)!

In my experience, my host brought over one of her good friends. She wanted to learn English and communicate more while meeting new people. She spoke very little English but I spoke Japanese so the three of us spent the afternoon giggling like schoolgirls. I still speak to them today. :)


Overall, my experience using AirKitchen was very enjoyable! I'd highly recommend anyone who wants to experience something less touristy to give this a try. ❤

You can sign up and purchase classes on AirKitchen today!




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