Learning How to Watercolour - Mistakes Made

Friday, August 03, 2018

No, I did not paint those flowers.
The last time I worked with watercolours was to learn how to do brush calligraphy, but I got bored immediately because I didn't like writing out quotes and I didn't have a lot of things to title with calligraphy. However, after watching Kasey Golden's videos, I got really inspired to start learning how to use watercolour in my art.

Not gonna lie, it was hard and expensive but thankfully, I already had a few brushes, water brushes, palettes, and cheap student grade watercolours to start my journey with. This is probably one of the times I'm glad I hoard so much stuff... haha


My Supplies:

❥ Ukami Artist Quality 200gsm sketch book - Popular
❥ Monologue soft sketch book 200gsm - Kinokinuya
24 Pentel Watercolour set
❥ Unicorn paint brushes from Popular
❥ Daler Rowney Graduate paint brushes
Water brushes
❥ Watercolour palettes - Daiso & Popular

(Can you tell I like cheap art supplies? lel)

Not gonna lie these pictures are quite old. I meant to do a review on the paints a year or so ago when I actually got the paint but I never got to it. I have a lot of ideas for blogposts but never end up writing them and they get lost in my black hole of a draft folder. 

Below you can see the palette on the right which is filled with paint from Buncho. I used to loooooove the paint from Buncho but after giving the Pentel set a try, I noticed that the Buncho colours tend to become quite muddy? I don't know.. Maybe it's me? After all, I am a watercolour noob. Save me pls. 

I think the hardest thing I found about watercolouring is keeping the paint where it's supposed to be. I watch YouTube artists do amazing things with watercolour and I always marvel at how they can keep their paint so clean and not bleed into each other. I know now that I've just been really impatient... I keep thinking the paint is dry when it's not. It feels dry??? But the paper has other plans.

Here is one of the first pieces I ever created when I first started drawing again. The lineart was done with a cheap gel pen from Daiso which was surprisingly more waterproof than the fake Sakura Micron pens I have. I have no complaints except for that freaking orange blob near the mermaid's tail area.... Remember how I said I kept thinking the paint was dry? Yeah... I rested my pinky finger in a spot of wet paint and didn't realize it until it was too late....

I also noticed that there's always a line where the paint just recedes from the edge of the lineart. Maybe that's the paper or the paint? I don't know... You can see it in the painting below. The edges of the galaxy circle are so choppy even when I painted right on the line..... I don't even know... Gimme time to figure these things out. 

I'm really working hard to improve my artwork. I've always been very neglectful of the skill cause I never thought of it as anything more than just a hobby. But now I really wanna make something out of it. Watching all these artists with different backgrounds creating things they love and living off it gives me so much hope that I can do it too!

Wish me luck... Maybe one day I can sell my stuff as stickers? 
I'm dreaming too much... haha

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