Friends and Food at QingHeGu Korean BBQ Restaurant

This post was a long time coming but I was feeling a little demotivated to post anything again... haha
So yesterday, a couple of friends and I decided to get together for Nuri's birthday celebration. It was late but we always had a hard time getting a hang of her (ahem... she's too popular...). In the end, we decided to have dinner at this Korean BBQ restaurant somewhere in Damansara.

Not gonna lie, I was super excited to eat here. I mean, if my Korean friends said we should eat here, then the food must be good, right?

Upon entering the restaurant, I immediately felt the authenticity. You don't really see those long low hanging fans in other restaurants. Plus, because they had such great ventilation, I didn't feel like I smelled like grease when I left. 

The menu was expectedly pricey but they had people helping us cut up our meat and cooking it. However, drinks were free (if I'm not mistaken) and so were the side dishes and you get free ice cream. XD

But what blew my mind was how they presented the lettuce! It comes in this reaaaaally long basket and they give you so much you literally never have to ask for refills!

Excuse the blurry camera work, I don't like to check my pictures after I've taken them... Especially if it's in a crowded place..... 



Fast service and they help you cook your stuff
Sides are free with the meal
Free ice cream
You get free stuff if you're celebrating something
Delicious food


Pricey (I will only come here when I get my paycheck)


I literally sat here trying to think of something else to complain about but there's really nothing else except that it's expensive. haha 

If you have a chance to check this place out, you definitely should! 




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