Daiso Stationery Supplies Haul + Mini Review

I went a little crazy at Daiso recently...

I've been feeling weirdly inspired lately and I decided to start taking up an old hobby I used to love, which is art! It has been a while since I drew something and I've been watching so many artists on YouTube and they've inspired me so much that I went out to buy all this stuff the next day.

I have a deep love for cheap things, which is why Daiso was one of my first choices when it comes to shopping. I know that it really isn't that cheap nowadays, but Daiso has definitely stepped up their game. I mean, they have so much stuff now!

I almost went crazy.

But thankfully, I don't know how to manage my finances well and was pretty short on cash when I was out shopping. So, I only got a few things. 
That basket was actually waaaaaay more full in the beginning compared to when I took this picture.

In the end, I settled for these!

If you're wondering why I'm buying a bunch of coloured pens and highlighters, I thought that they would be great to use in a mixed media piece. I've been so inspired by the work of Leigh Ellexson, you can check her out on YouTube. She makes amazing art with watercolour, acrylic, gouache and coloured pencils. I love how she mixes everything together into one cohesive piece. I also love the colours she uses. Her colour palette is amazing! 10/10 would recommend~ 

I also grabbed 2 mason jars for washing out my brushes when I paint, cellophane tape to cover up my horrible creations and a set of brushes cause I'm too cheap to get better ones!

The pens are like any other regular ballpoint pen, they have a 0.7 nib, which is a little too large for writing (for me) but I like to use them for outlines and jotting things down in my calendar. 

The highlighters were more of an impulse buy (all of these things are impulsive if you ask me) and they worked exactly like regular highlighters. I do like how pastel the colours are but the nibs aren't that great. So, I just use them to mark my mood trackers in my bullet journal.

The paintbrush set however was surprisingly great! I was so surprised at how soft the bristles were! The brushes in the set are all round brushes that come to a fine point when wet and they felt pretty good in my hands. I haven't had any problems with falling bristles and they hold so much water and paint!

The only thing I didn't like about the brushes was the fact that the white bristles do stain easily so the tips of your brushes can become a really ugly colour after using them for a while. I've used a couple of the brushes for a bit and it's looking pretty gross. As you can see... I use purple and blue a lot hahaaha
Still, they are cheap brushes so there's nothing that I can complain about. I've yet to use them with other mediums like acrylic but they work well with watercolours and gouache.




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