Althea's 3rd Birthday Haul

Saturday, July 14, 2018

I've been doing a ridiculous amount of shopping this month... Not gonna lie, my wallet is crying but I've been getting good deals so I couldn't help myself. haha
Althea turned 3 this year and had an amazing sitewide sale that I just couldn't resist and I wanted to share some of the stuff I ended up getting. 

First off, can we talk about this amazing packaging! I absolutely love the box and I'm probably going to be using it to store my tarot decks. ❤ Everything in the box was packaged really nicely too. I already unwrapped them all in the picture below cause I had to check my items out the moment they arrived in my office.

Apart from my skincare and cosmetic items, Althea was kind enough to send out this adorable card with an Althea promo code on the back! I mean, as if I need another reason to buy more stuff right?

Feel free to try out the promo code below because my budget won't allow me to grab anything else for a while. haha

Happy shopping peeps and you're welcome!

These little DIY box things were also included in the package. If you put them together and snap a picture and tag it on Instagram, you can win something. Unfortunately, I'm not interested. Yes, I'm lazy but they're in cute colours. 😅


Now on to the actual products!!!!

Althea had a Buy 3 Free 1 promo code during their birthday week and I immediately grabbed some items. Honestly, I was just looking to stock up on toners because I am in love with the Nature Republic one I got from them a year ago. I'm down to my last bottle and it's already halfway gone so I'm hoarding stocking them.

Yes, I know that the toners in the picture are not from Nature Republic but the ones I use are not on sale and I'm all about that discount. In the end, I decided to try out this Pore Tightening Fresh Toner from Rire because they're pore tightening and just RM29 for 300ml. Plus, it doesn't have any parabens, silicon, and other artificial stuff in it but who am I kidding... I don't check. 

Here are the ingredients, but if you want to read more about the products, you can check it out here.


The next item that I'm really excited about was an impulse buy because Althea did not stock my favourite No-Sebum Mineral Powder from Innisfree. I don't know what happened but Innisfree only has this cream version which I don't think I can use on my hair... I only use these no-sebum powders as a dry shampoo for my hair whenever I can't wash it but wanna look fresh.

Sooooo, instead of the powder from Innisfree, I got the Althea Petal Velvet Powder. I mean, it's basically gonna be the same thing right? Right?!

The loose powder comes in this really cute container. It feels heavier than the Innisfree one but it doesn't matter. The powder really does feel extremely velvety on my skin but it has a fragrance that I don't like. I don't know how to describe it but it's definitely not the fresh smelling scent I love from Innisfree.

Now, does it work as a dry shampoo?

What I love about this powder is that it only costs RM16! I'm gonna have to stock up on these before they decide to stop making it too. 😩 Why Innisfree.... Whyyyy~

The last item on my list is something else that I've never tried before but I needed a facewash and this seemed like a good idea. This cleansing foam from The Face Shop is only RM10 and has pretty good reviews on Althea. Honestly, I didn't really have anything else I wanted to purchase (because my Innisfree powder was nowhere to be seen) so I just added this on to my basket to be eligible for the promo.

Thankfully, my face isn't that picky with cleansers but I might do a mini review of these products once I get around to trying them out in the future!

Overall, I'm absolutely satisfied with my purchase. The deal was great and I even got free shipping. Nothing in my order was missing and everything arrived quickly!

If you've never shopped on Althea before, just click on the link below and get 20% off your first purchase!

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