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30 Things You Can Write on Your Postcard | Postcrossing

I love Postcrossing. The excitement of getting a new postcard from a far-off country still makes me giddy. However, sending postcards can be a little bit annoying, especially if you've been writing the same old thing on every postcard you send out.
I love making my postcards unique and I hate getting a postcard that just says "Happy Postcrossing!"
Sometimes I just want to leave those cards and not register them out of spite, but since I know they've taken the time to mail it out, I register it anyway.

If you've never heard of Postcrossing, it's a website that allows you to send and receive postcards from people all over the world! I've received postcards from Russia, Japan, Thailand, England, America and even postcards from Malaysia. Sign up is free and you can start sending out postcards immediately!

Now, if you're somewhat of a veteran, I'm sure some of you can relate to the problem of writing something new and unique on every postcard you send out.

I know that the space available on a postcard is limited so, I have a list of 30 things you can include on your postcards to make them just a little more special!


  1. Write about your day
  2. What inspires you 
  3. Describe the weather or the season 
  4. Write some phrases in your language
  5. A funny joke or jokes
  6. A funny/embarrassing story
  7. Write about your hobbies
  8. Write a poem
  9. Write down your favourite poem by someone else
  10. Draw or doodle something
  11. Write down your favourite quote
  12. Create a short story
  13. Paste a photo with a short caption (I use this to print out photos)
  14. Write about superstitions in your culture
  15. Something unique about your culture
  16. A local festival/celebration/holiday going on in your country
  17. Write about TV shows or movies you've recently watched
  18. Something you're obsessed with right now
  19. A problem you're facing
  20. What recently made you happy
  21. What recently made you sad
  22. Your vacation
  23. A family tradition for the holidays
  24. Your favourite things about the holidays
  25. Something crazy that happened to you
  26. Describe your surroundings
  27. A dream you had
  28. Something you miss
  29. Places in their country you'd love to visit
  30. Add your blog link or social media!

There's definitely a lot more things you can include on your postcards but I decided to list some of my favourites. Recently, I've started to paint some illustrations with watercolour on my postcards to make them stand out. Plus, they help me improve my art. haha

If you aren't signed up with Postcrossing, why not grab some postcards today and get started?


Have you tried Postcrossing?  Is there anything else you like to include on your postcards?
Give Postcrossing a go and tell me all about it below!



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