10 Tarot Myths you should Stop Believing

The first time I got really interested in tarot was in high school. I was researching stuff about astrology when one of those annoying ads for tarot reading popped up. I looked it up and decided that I would get one for myself the next time we went to KL.

That time came and I recall sheepishly taking my mom to the tarot deck section of MPH in Mid Valley (back when it was not a Uniqlo) and asking if she would get me one. The decks weren't cheap but that wasn't the problem. My parents are really devout Catholics and with just one look at the deck, I knew my mom wasn't going to let me have one (you can guess why).

Defeated, I talked to my friends about it and began hearing things like "You're not supposed to buy a tarot deck for yourself, you're supposed to get it as a gift" or "Nobody should touch your deck, only you can, otherwise it won't work" and so on. Being the impressionable teenager that I was, I gave up on my dream of owning a tarot deck altogether until about 2 years ago when I just bit the bullet and ordered my first deck off the Internet. #noregrets

After that, I began hearing about other myths and superstitions connected to tarot from classmates, colleagues and friends alike. So, in order to address them, I decided to debunk them all in this post so that you guys don't freak out too much when you read about it on your tarot journey! ❤


1. You must receive your tarot deck as a gift

I don't know where people get this from honestly. I believe that you should personally choose the tarot deck you want. This will make it easier to create a connection with it and will give you better tarot readings too. I personally haven't had any problems with any of the decks I've bought for myself but if you did receive your deck from someone else, cleanse them before you use them!


2. You need to keep your deck wrapped in silk or in a pine box

Wrapping your decks in silk or keeping them in a pine box is totally okay but you don't have to. I store my decks in their original boxes or in felt bags that I made myself. In fact, if you take a look at IG or Tumblr, you'll find a lot of tarot readers store their decks in bags. It's all up to you.


3. Nobody else can touch your deck but you

This is a total myth. I let my friends feel up my decks and I still get great readings from them. Though I do make sure they have clean hands before handling my decks. To be honest, you should worry about dirty surfaces more than people touching your deck.


4. You can't do a tarot reading for yourself.

I think the problem is when you can't be objective about your readings. I know that I've repeated readings because I didn't like the answer that came up the first time. But with that said, I've never had a problem doing a reading for myself. It's a good practice.


5. The Death card literally means you or someone you know will die

No, nobody will die (not usually anyway).
I remember seeing a movie where a fortune teller pulled out a Death card and everyone just freaked out and someone later dies but if you look up the real meaning of the card, it has nothing to do with death. In fact, the Death card has a positive connotation. :)


6. All tarot readers are witches and all witches read tarot

I believe movies are the perpetrators of this myth. But I can definitely say that all tarot readers are NOT witches and NOT all witches read tarot.


7. Predictions with the tarot will always come true

I like to tell people that I do readings for that predictions are not set in stone. Your actions affect your future and your futures are constantly changing. So don't get hung up on what the cards say and focus on trying to follow their advice, more often than not, they give solid advice.


8. You need to memorize the cards before you do readings for anyone else

I haven't memorized any cards and haven't attempted to do so and I still have no problems. If you're seriously studying the craft then it doesn't hurt to peek at your cheat sheets once in a while or pop on the Internet for some insight. In fact, I believe this will help make your readings more accurate and relatable.


9. Before reading for someone, they need to touch your deck to imbue their energy 

I've done a tonne of readings for friends and strangers over IG message, Tumblr and even email with no problems. Some tarot readers may require you to shuffle the deck or pick cards for a reading but it all depends on the individual. I just keep their image and question in my mind when I do my readings and everything turns out fine. Explore to find out what works best for you.


10. You need to use your intuition when doing a reading

I personally don't feel that intuitive and intuition does vary from person to person. There are people who are just naturally gifted.

Intuition to me isn't really interpreting the card by just looking at it, it's mostly just a feeling in my gut that tells me that this particular reading is about a certain topic. For example, while doing a general reading, I'd feel like the cards were talking about your work life or relationships and just adjust my interpretation of the next cards accordingly.
If you work with your cards long enough by doing readings for yourself or someone else, you'll eventually be able to read and interpret them in your own way.


Have you heard of these myths? Do you believe them?
Are there any other myths you've come across?
Tell me all about it in the comments section below! ❤





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