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Friday, June 29, 2018

What to do when you lose your IC

I didn't think I would ever have to write another post like this after that whole wallet debacle. Yet, here I am. I am absolutely starting to believe that 2018 is slowly becoming a really unlucky year for me (more than 2017 😑). And I didn't know how true my words were until this happened to me.

So it was just like any other day. After a tough week of having close to RM0 in my wallet and having to work from home for 2 days in a row cause I was too poor to commute, I finally received my pay on Tuesday evening. I was finally to make my way to work, reload my Touch N Go card, grabbed lunch and just be thankful for having enough money to eat.

I was on my way home, having gotten off the bus at the Bangsar LRT station, I made a beeline to the fruit store just in case I see any avocados up for sale. Lo and behold, there were avocados on sale. I set my vape, phone and card holder pouch down among the avocados while I filled a plastic bag. After choosing the best from the pile, I head over to the cashier where I realized I was missing my card holder. Remembering the avocado pile, I head back there to find that it was gone. I didn't go anywhere else in the store and I was left just walking around looking like a lost duckling. I even asked the employees if I could take a look at the CCTV but they said there were none facing the area I left my stuff. I asked a random guy that was hanging out in the same area I was in when I was grabbing the avocados but he didn't see anything. I asked the LRT employees if anyone found anything and also nothing. 😓

It was then it dawned on me that I had just lost all my access cards (to my office and apartment complex), both my main and emergency Touch N Go cards (which had a total of RM110 in them), my IC and RM100.

I probably should've been more panicked but I was surprisingly calm about it. I called a friend of mine to accompany me to a police station to lodge a report, which I had never done in my life!
 When we arrived at the station, they policemen us at the gate to inquire about our business. Not gonna lie, they had these really scary faces and were looking at my friend and me accusingly. I felt like a criminal. lol

I remember getting asked by 3 different officers at 3 different areas, whether I was sure that this was the first time I had lost my IC. Apparently, if you lose your IC more than twice, you have to go to different department to lodge a report. Thankfully, this was my first time. Haha Thankfully.... I shouldn't be saying that. I hope this doesn't happen again... 

So now, after getting a copy of your police report, you'll need to head over to JPN or UTC to get a new IC.

I dragged my butt to the UTC at Damai on a weekday and managed to get my IC renewed without any hiccups. In fact, it took less than an hour cause there was not much of a line and the woman at the counter was very nice. 

As it turns out, getting your IC renewed costs a lot of money. Seriously tho... I hope I never lose my stuff again... These kinda fees will kill me (financially).

Overall, I feel like it was a very good experience. Now I know how to make a police report (and know to not be afraid of the policemen and women at the station). Plus, I now know not to ever be careless with my IC otherwise I'd have to pay an arm and a leg to renew it. I wonder if these fees will be reduced since there's 0% GST now. 😂😂😂

Has this ever happened to you? What did you do? Share your story with me in the comments below and remember to keep your belongings safe when you're buying avocados. 
I'm convinced they're evil now....