10 Reasons You Need to Watch American Gods

Monday, May 22, 2017
I am happy to say I was one of the lucky people who sat down to read Neil Gaiman's American Gods novel before it was made into this amazing TV Show. Back then all I had to enjoy the book and its story was my imagination. I definitely feel so lucky that I'm alive right now to witness this amazing story come to life. 

American Gods is a television show based on the novel by Neil Gaiman and produced by Starz Network. The story revolves around Shadow Moon, an ex-convict who ends up helping a con man, Mr. Wednesday after he finds out about the death of his wife. Shadow then works as Wednesday's bodyguard as he's thrown into a whole new reality where gods actually exist. 

As I'm writing this, only the 3rd episode of this show has aired and I have nothing but praise for the show. 

Here's why you should watch the show too:

If you are sensitive to homosexuality, sex scenes, nudity, and gore, walk away NOW. 


1. Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle)

To be honest, I don't really remember much about Shadow Moon from the book. He always seemed like a very gruff and reserved character to me. So seeing him be adorable (and gruff) in the show was really nice. I can finally understand why his wife calls him "puppy".

Now, I mention Ricky Whittle because this man is just as adorable as Shadow Moon. If you haven't followed him on his Instagram and Twitter accounts, please do. You won't regret it. 

2. Mad Sweeney 

A very angry leprechaun. 

"'K. You're a little tall for a leprechaun." - Shadow
"That's a stereotype. Represents a very narrow view of the world."
 -Mad Sweeney

3. Bilquis

She eats people with her vagina. Need I say more?
While I would like to post some gifs from her scenes, they're pretty graphic (full of nudity and sex and people getting swallowed whole). So here is Bilquis being her mesmerising self in her first appearance in the series!

4. Salim & the Ifrit 

I thought that it was beautiful and amazing they had 2 obviously Middle Eastern Muslim men speaking Arabic and having romantic gay sex featured on TV (well, obviously it's never going to be in Malaysia but positive representation is important!)

5. This Badass Into

6. Badass Cast

American Gods has a cast of amazingly talented people. Some of which, like Jillian Anderson and Demore Barnes, you can recognize from other TV shows like Hannibal and Supernatural. 
On Bruce Langley's Instagram.

7. Learning about new cultures & beliefs 

I was just having a conversation with a friend of mine about the scales that are used to determine whether you were a good person while you were alive. To actually see that represented (along with other beliefs) in such a beautiful and respectful way on an American TV show is mind-blowing.


Well, kinda.

"Angry is good. Angry gets shit done. You shed tears for Compe Anansi and here he is, telling you you are staring down the barrel of 300 years of subjugation, racist bullshit, and heart disease. He is telling you there isn’t one goddamned reason you shouldn’t go up there right now and slit the throats of every last one of these Dutch motherfuckers and set fire to this ship."
-Mr. Nancy (Anansi)

9. Beautiful Scenes

These inferior gifs do not show the full beauty of this show. While American Gods is way more fantastical in their crazy backdrops and random cutscenes, it does give me a very Hannibal-esque feel. If you liked Hannibal, you would probably like this too!

10. Quotes you can use in everyday life tbh



Okay that last one is not an actual quote but I'm sure everybody has been Mad Sweeney at least once in their life.


Where can you watch American Gods?

Watch the show HERE.


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