Outgoing Postcards for Postcrossing (February 2017)

It's been a while since sent out a postcard. A lot of things got in the way and I had to deactivate my account for a bit until everything settled down. Now that I've moved to a new place and finally have some space, time, and privacy I can start Postcrossing again.

Unfortunately, I have no incoming mail as I just started sending out postcards. So, I'd like to share some of the postcards I sent out the past week. 

I have a bad habit of generating addresses on Postcrossing and only writing and sending them out days later. Which is exactly what happened with this batch of postcards. While dates are written on them, they're not the dates they were sent out but the dates they were written. 

。・゚ヾ(✦థ ェ థ)ノ。゚・。
I'm sorry!

That being said, they have all been dropped into the post box and are on their way to their destinations!

My account allows me to have 9 postcards travelling at the same time, so I decided to send 9 at once. 

Want to know more about Postcrossing?

Head on over to their official website's FAQ!
Diana B. from the Netherlands.
Nuria J. from Spain
Atsuko O. from Japan. 
Jolanta G. from Poland.
Dubois E. from France.
Florian S. from Germany.
Caroline B. from Luxembourg.
Karen from the USA.
To Maria T. from Russia.
I hope the postcards reach their destinations safely!
If you happen to see your postcard here, please do drop a comment down below! 
I'd love to hear from you!

Likewise, if you're interested and want to try it out for yourself, I'd be happy to try and answer any questions that you have! 

Happy Postcrossing!


Postcards that have arrived:
**to be updated as postcards arrive**

Maria T. in Russia - Expired
Florian S. in Germany - 13 March 2017 (25 Days)
Karen in the USA - 11 March 2017 (23 Days)
Diana B. in the Netherlands - 3 March 2017 (15 Days)
Caroline B. in Luxembourg - 12 March 2017 (24 Days)
Nuria J. in Spain - Expired
Jolanta G. in Poland - 16 March 2017 (28 Days)
Dubois E. in France - 4 March 2017 (16 Days)
Atsuko O. in Japan - 1 March 2017 (13 Days)


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Other articles related to Postcrossing:

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