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Digi Postpaid 110 Plan | Service Review

Recently, I decided that enough was enough. I couldn't take having to buy extra Internet every time I went back home to Sabah or whenever I travel somewhere that didn't have Wi-Fi.

I have been using one of Digi's special plans for more than half a year now. It gave me 7GB of data (which was an upgrade from my 5GB at the time), free data for Spotify and other music streaming services, and a free 1-year subscription to IFLIX among other things for about RM75 (I don't remember anymore).

I was happy.

The Internet was pretty fast, I could get a connection even at my house back in Sabah where Maxis used to only give me empty bars or only E instead of 4G.

The only problem was that 7GB was never enough for me. Especially when I went home to Sabah for Christmas. You see, there isn't any Wi-Fi in my house back then and even if there is Wi-Fi now, I'd have to be sitting underneath my parent's room in the kitchen just to get a decent connection.
Apparently, the Wi-Fi can't penetrate the thick walls of our house. hahahahaha
There was a time in my life where I had to sit in the upstairs toilet just so that I could Whatsapp my friends. Hilarious now, ridiculous back then.

Anyway, since it's a new year and I desperately needed data, I went to Digi's website to check out what kind of postpaid plans they had for me. I needed an upgrade and I wanted it now.

That's when I saw the Digi Postpaid 110 plan. This plan is RM110 (which is more than I've ever paid for a plan) give or take but it gives me 25GB of data every month and FREE unlimited data on the weekends!

I swear I saw Free and was like, "This. I want this plan."

It has been a month since then so here's what I think about the Digi Postpaid 110 Plan.


Reception & Coverage

When it comes to the reception, I get the full bars in the city which is no surprise but my bars can go down to just one where I live in Taman Melati. I live on the 8th floor and can sometimes have trouble getting 3 bars. However, the one thing that annoys me the most is the fact that I don't get any reception in the elevator.

As for coverage, the fact that I can get a decent reception in Sandakan means that Digi is doing a better job than Maxis (no offense to Maxis users). I even got reception in the rural areas of Terengganu with no problems. Though you can check Digi's website to see if your area is covered or not.



When it comes to the Internet connectivity, I'm a bit on the fence. When it's fast, it's super fast. When it's slow, it's like I can grow old just waiting for a page to load.

I noticed that the connectivity greatly reduces at night sometime around midnight. My 4G would switch to 3G and I'd be stuck loading things for a long time. I also noticed the same reduced connectivity quality during the weekends when I get unlimited free data. While it doesn't happen throughout the weekend, sometimes you can tell the line is really bad.

However, downloading apps and streaming videos from YouTube is fast as long as it's 4G.

Apart from that, if you don't finish your 25GB of data for that month, Digi will bring 3GB of that extra data to the next month. This means you'll actually have 28GB to use every month!


Prices & Extra Charges

I consider GST to be a hidden charge. It kinda pissed me off that I had to pay extra RM6+ for GST but since calls and messages to other networks are completely free, I have no problems.

Here are the prices for the postpaid plans offered by Digi today.

Payment for postpaid plans are relatively simple.

You can pay through your bank by registering your bill (I use Maybank) or you can pay straight through their MyDigi App.

If you don't know what the MyDigi app is, it looks like the picture below and is available for both iOS and Android phones.

You can buy extras from the app, track your usage and more through the app. 
Personally, I only use it to check on my remaining data for the month. It helps me plan out how much of my data I can use to watch YouTube on the go haha.


How easy is it to change postpaid plans?

Extremely easy.
In fact, if you're an existing Digi user and you've already signed yourself up on their website with a CONNECT account then it would be even easier.
I didn't have to go to a Digi center to change my plan. I did it all online and within 2 days, I was already enjoying my new data plan.


Would I recommend the Digi Postpaid 110 plan?

As a heavy internet user, having the luxury to freely use my data on the weekends is amazing. There's nothing like streaming my movies and YouTube videos in HD. The connectivity and reception issues are a small thing to endure but if you're someone who needs to stay connected constantly, then I believe Digi's unstable line will be too troublesome for you.

Want to find out more about Digi's postpaid plans?
Visit their website today!

Or click this link to sign up!


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