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Trust Issues is a cafe that popped up around my neighbourhood a while back. However, I never really got the chance to check the place out until recently. 

I was waiting for a nearby clinic to open up as I was feeling under the weather. Unfortunately, I had 2 hours to kill and was just feeling too sick and lethargic to walk all the way back to my apartment. So, I decided to check out Trust Issues. 

I have to admit that this place has a very unique name. 
It sounds like a place you'd go to for relationships and guidance counselling. 

This place had been open for more than a couple of months and I live extremely nearby but I've never had the time to stop by. I guess I should be thankful for my cold otherwise I probably would have never check this place out. 

Yay, flu! 
(Not really, I felt like I was gonna pass out just crossing the road to see this place)

The Interior

The cafe has a very nice feel to it. I liked the modern design. It was definitely Instagram worthy.
However, I felt like there were too many restaurant style seats for it to be called a cafe? I understand that people around the area probably come here often for lunch and they want to cater to them, but the lack of comfortable cushioned seats or couches made me want to leave immediately after finishing my meal.

However, despite that, they had really good music but the music can be quite loud at times. I was watching videos on my phone and could still hear the music even after increasing the volume sometimes.

But they still had Christmas decorations up even when it was January. Christmas is over guys, take them down.


Yes, and they are quite clean.


Yes. Just ask for the password. :)


Service & Cleanliness

I entered the cafe before noon before the lunch hour rush. While I was greeted by the employees, they were definitely not friendly whenever I asked them for something. There was this especially grumpy waitress who looked like I had done her a disservice for calling her. 

Not only that, they all seemed to be gathered at the bar to talk among themselves and were oblivious to the other customers (and me) who were trying to get their attention. 

When it came to the food, I didn't have to wait long for my pasta and drink to be served but that was because I caught them before it became busy. 

The one thing I liked was how clean it was. Sometimes when a place serves food like pasta, rice or any other main dishes, the tables tend to be oily or there would be a smell in the cafe. The tables were squeaky clean and so were the surroundings (both inside and outside). 

The Menu

They have quite an extensive menu and a good lunch promo, which I tried. You can even get mocktails and churros (I love churros)!
The prices are acceptable and are typical of a cafe.

The Food

I tried the Stir Fried Beef Pasta and Iced Peach Tea from their lunch menu.
At first I wanted to try the Aglo Olio Smoked Duck but I checked their menu and it said that it was spicy. I can't eat spicy food because I don't like the pain and I still can't understand people who can still add chilli to already spicy food. Unfortunately, Malaysians in general, love their chilli.

I asked one of the employees if the Stir Fried Beef was spicy as it wasn't mentioned in the menu but I had a sneaking suspicion as it said "Malay Style" and Malay food is always unnecessarily spicy even when you ask them not to make it spicy. Yes, yes, I am picky. Anyway, she assured me that it wasn't so I ordered it forgetting the fact that spice lovers can't really tell if food is spicy or not.

So, when the food came, I could smell it. The chilli. I was horrified but I still took a bite and yes, it was spicy. I looked up to give that waitress a disapproving look. You lied to me, lady.

If you're like me and are super sensitive to spice then your nose will be running and your tongue will go numb eating this. Yes, I am that sensitive to spice (even black pepper).
Thankfully, I had the peach tea with me to keep my tongue happy.

Taste-wise, the pasta was good even if I was wiping and trying to drip out the sauce from the beef pieces and pasta. The pasta was done well but the beef was kind of tough to chew and the sauce had a little sweetness to it, which reminded me of sweet and sour dishes.

The peach tea was sweet and only mildly cold. There were no ice cubes in it, which kind of disappointed me.


Overall, I liked the interior of the cafe and the food (even though it was too spicy for me). The tea was great too but I would have liked to have better service than what I received.

Want to try out Trust Issues for yourself?

Head over to:
No. 102, Jalan Dataran Dwitasik,
Bandar Sri Permaisuri, 56000
Kuala Lumpur.

Contact them at:
Tel: +60391741995
Email: hello@trustissuekl.com

Check out their social media:
➤ Facebook
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➤ Twitter
➤ Instagram


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