HK: Forbidden Superhero (2013) | Movie Review (NSFW)

Saturday, January 14, 2017
A fair warning dear readers... This is NSFW (Not Safe for Work).

Now, I don't think I can explain away the fact that I actually finished watching this insanely weird movie while thoroughly enjoying every minute of it. So I'm just going to tell you exactly why this movie has stolen my panties heart.

Everyone loves superhero movies right? 

And everyone loves dick jokes and everyone loves puns right? (Okay, not everyone...)

Put it all together and you get this crazy masterpiece.

I honestly didn't know what to expect when I clicked on this movie. Knowing Japan, I was expecting something rather awkward, sexual, and hilarious. 

My Summary
Guy falls in love with new girl. New girl gets into trouble. Guy tries to save new girl. Guy finds out he turns into a superhero when he wears women's panties on his head (when you see this scene your head will explode from all the stupid). He turns into a superhero. Then, of course, a villain appears and starts causing trouble for Panty Man. Villain has a group of weird ass henchman (I feel this is worth mentioning cause they're amazing). The hero kicks the villain's butt. Villain returns with a more perverted stronger secret weapon. Guy beats villain anyway and gets the girl (kind of?). 

Check out the trailer:

Before moving forward, click here or here to watch the movie.

The Characters
I believe the characters themselves are a good reason for you to watch this movie. They are all hilarious and lovable (yes, even the villains). Here are some of the main characters from the HK movie.

Kyosuke Shikijo or Hentai Kamen
He's the main character of this movie and the son of a detective and professional dominatrix (yes, you read that right). His unique genes and weird upbringing has helped him attain perverted powers. He calls himself a pervert of justice and uses his perverted nature to tap into his superhero powers. 
Somehow Hentai Kamen also looks very much like Spiderman (this is more apparent in the second movie) as you can see from his "mask" and the way he uses his bondage ropes to swing from building to building. #ridiculous

Aiko Himeno
She is Kyosuke's love interest. The new girl in school who seems to catch the attention of every villain in the movie. She's adorable and you might have seen her in Kamen Rider Fourze (you can watch the show here). 
I can't deny she's adorable but I'm kind of tired of the helpless princess of the school trope. But I do love the fact that she can't help herself from being in love with the hero. XDD

Tamao Oogane
This guy is supposed to be the main villain of the whole series. I'm not sure if he's supposed to be a high schooler or what. Together with his ridiculous hair and even more ridiculous henchmen, he definitely gave Hentai Kamen a pretty hard time.

Just look at his so called "assassins". I believe they're supposed to be "androids"? Hence, the weird android-esque metal face paint. But the face paint just makes them look funnier.

Teacher Towatari or Fake Hentai Kamen
He's another assassin that Tamao Oogane hires to defeat Hentai Kamen. He's actually really creepy and as perverted and gross as you think the hero is, this guy is 10x more perverted but he's not buff or adorable. 

So he goes around pretending to be Hentai Kamen and doing a bunch of things to make everyone hate the hero like flipping girl's skirts and stealing underwear.

He actually really creeps me out and there are many awkward moments in the movie which made me feel very uncomfortable. I guess that shows what a good (and dedicated) actor he is.
Best Scenes
There are literally too many amazing scenes in this movie that if I tried to look for all of them or screenshot them myself, it would basically be the whole movie. So, here are some of my favourite scenes that you definitely have to look out for.
The crotch kiss
When he saves Aiko from the bank robbers and the first time he uses his Hentai Kamen powers.
His finishing move. #ballsofsteel
Would I watch this again?

Yes. Just for the lols! This is a great movie when you're spending the night in with a couple of good friends or just bored out of your wits and want to be weirded out entertained. 
I definitely recommend this movie to anyone who loves cheesy lines, ridiculous characters, and half-naked buff men with underwear on their faces. 😂😂

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