Reasons Why You Should Get Fravel: The World's Cutest Suitcase ❤

Saturday, January 07, 2017

I need this in my life.

I am weak. Weak to pink, adorable, frilly and glittery things. Yet I am also a sucker for some horror and gore. Which puts my tastes somewhere in the middle between a unicorn and zombies.
 Zombie unicorns. 

Still, I still have a deep love for all things Japan inspired and kawaii. Which is probably why a friend of mine tagged me on a post about this adorable little suitcase on Facebook. Well, my dear friend. You know me well.

So I'm going to talk about this adorable little thing.


What is it?
It's basically a little suitcase that "comes to life"!
 It's like if a cat and a carry-on had a baby, you'd get Fravel.

What are the features?

Okay, apart from the adorable colours and the cute cat ears, this suitcase is actually more than a suitcase.

Continue reading if you want to skip the video below.

The Fravel suitcases are basically smart suitcases with an adorable design. If you're into cutesy kawaii designs or love having the latest gadgets, Fravel definitely is a suitcase that you should consider.

Features Include:

❤ Movable Ears

❤ Detachable magnetic ears

❤ Multi-sensors to detect movement and touch

❤ "Breathing" Heart Shaped Light

❤360° Direction Wheels

❤ Hidden Charger Port

❤ Spacious & Cute Storage Space

❤ Fully waterproof
❤ Invisible zipper
❤ Built-in battery
❤ Smart Power


How can I get one?
As of now, Fravel is still on Kickstarter and working on reaching their goal of $50,000.
As I am writing this the total they have accumulated is $45,786.

If you want to see this adorable bag become available (especially for those of us isolated here in Malaysia T_T), send them some support by sharing their Kickstarter page or even better, donate to them!

Visit their:
 ❤ Kickstarter


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