The Top 10 Products I Love from ezbuy

Tuesday, December 20, 2016
Online shopping is definitely one of my favourite things to do and recently, I've started shopping on ezbuy. Here are some of the products I love most!

Okay, these are actually a combination of past purchases and my wishlist as I have just started using the site for online shopping. 

Why ezbuy?  
Well, if you didn't already know, ezbuy is an online shopping site that also features products from Taobao. Taobao is a popular Chines online shopping site that has a wide range of products available. Unfortunately, the whole website is in Chinese, which makes shopping there almost impossible (unless you read Chinese). ezbuy lists their products in English! Allowing me to shop to my heart's content. But you don't only get products from China here, you can also get items from Taiwan and the United States too!

Some things you have to keep in mind are shipping times and customs. Sometimes products will not reach you if customs holds them back, so just be patient and contact ezbuy's customer service for help.

Before I tell you why ezbuy is so great, here are the top 10 Products I love from ezbuy:
1. Cute Socks
This is one of my first purchases from ezbuy. At the time of my purchase, they were having an amazing sale (I forget how much I paid for them exactly) and I managed to grab a few pairs for myself. My favourite would definitely be the socks with the sushi rolls.
The material is amazing and thick. It's comfortable and adorable too!
Unfortunately these cute socks are out of stock :(

But you can check out a bunch of other cute socks here!
2. Heeled Low Cut Ankle Boots/Shoes
These shoes look amazing no? They're amazingly cheap too! As someone lacking in the height and budget department, these are a steal. They come in a variety of colours including the ones you see in the picture above. 

You can get them here

3. Stylish Platform Shoes
Can you tell I like tall shoes? Unfortunately, I haven't made this one a part of my collection. These shoes also come in a variety of colours but I am particularly in love with this burgundy/wine colour. However, you can also get them in brown, black and grey. 

You can chek them out here.

4. Instax Film
I am in LOVE with Instax film. I mainly use them with my Instax SP-1 Printer and literally have a whole wall full of my photos. Needless to say, I am always looking for a good price for these films. While you can always find a good price for the plain films everywhere, it can be very difficult to find good deals for their special films such as the Stripe, Rainbow, and Stained Glass Instax film. 

You can get them all (including Avengers, Disney and Anime themed films) here.

5. iPhone 6S Plus Pokemon Themed Cover
I love all things Pokemon (even before the Pokemon GO craze). So naturally, I needed to get this adorable cover with all the little Eeveelutions. I've personally already ordered this and am waiting for it to arrive! 

You can get the cover for other iPhone models as well! Check it out here

6. iPhone 6S Plus Sailormoon Cover
Sailormoon was one of my favourite cartoons growing up. These covers are absolutely gorgeous and they look quite thick too. If you love Sailormoon or know anyone who has an unhealthy obsession with Sailormoon (like me), show them this.

7. Cheap Scented Candles
While ezbuy has a long list of amazing scented candles including tealights, birthday candles and pillar candles, I love tin candles like the one above. I feel they're easier to clean after you finish burning your candle and you can use them to store little things like hair clips. But of course, the scents are great for helping you relax after a long day and they're smokeless!
Get them here.

8. Yankee Candle Votive Candles
Can you believe ezbuy has Yankee Candles for sale?! Yankee Candles are one of the most popular brands for scented candles in the United States. They're very difficult to find here in Malaysia and if you do find them, they can be very expensive. Which is why I love their little votive candles. These candles are small little samples to help you find the best scent for you.

I love them for their adorable size and you can a wide range of scents here!

 9. Colouring Your Own Postcards
I love sending and receiving postcards and I love colouring books. Why not combine them both right? This is also a product that I have ordered and am waiting to arrive.
With this book, you get 20 unique postcards that you can colour in and mail out!
You can check the listing out here.

10. Cat Themed Postcards
It's hard to find high-quality postcard that are made from thick cardstock. I purchased this postcard set before and am extremely satisfied with them. I've already sent them all out but I'm thinking of getting another set just to keep for myself cause it's super cheap.

You can get this adorable set here.


ezbuy definitely has a wide range of amazing products I love. However, if you're like me and always find yourself purchasing more than one product at any given time, paying for shipping fees can mean you'll be forced to eat Gardenia buns for the rest of the month.

This is why I recommend using ezbuy Prime! 

What is ezbuy Prime?
ezbuy Prime is a subscription program that ezbuy customers can enjoy. You pay a set amount to subscribe to the service and you can enjoy unlimited international shipping for only RM8.80. As long as you purchase Prime eligible items, it doesn't matter how many items you purchase, what size your item is, or how heavy your item is, you only have to pay RM8.80 for shipping. 

Other benefits you can experience with ezbuy include:
ZERO agent fees
FREE insurance up to RM2000 - includes lost parcels, damaged products, customs issues

To find out more about ezbuy Prime, click here for the FAQ!


Want to try out ezbuy for yourself?

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