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Old Japanese Women Dancing to Bruno Mars "24K Magic"

If you think you're too old for the dance floor, watch these ladies move!

At 61, 59 and 56 years old, these Japanese women popping and locking in their kimonos will definitely give you a run for your money. Heck, I'm 24 and even I can't move like that. 

The Japanese woman in the center is called TORI and she is 61 years old. 
Check out here moves!

TORI has her own web page where she shows off her amazing dancing skills. I've left the link to her page below. 


I find this video to be very inspirational. Like the original description in the YouTube video (link here) says:


"You don't need to be young to be cool."


For more information:


Check out


Other Dancers on the video:
YUI (link)
ハヤシ シンノスケ
noyu (link)



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