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Thursday, December 08, 2016
For those of you who loved Frozen, forget about that movie.

I always watch movies at the cinema without researching anything about it beforehand. So I don't read reviews, watch interviews, or even find out about the cast. I didn't even watch Moana's trailer. As a 24 year old adult (am I really an adult? I don't know), I have kind of grown out of watching animated movies. They're good, don't get me wrong. I just don't get as excited about them as most people.

So, I was kind of surprised at myself when I asked my friend to accompany me to watch Moana. 
And boy was I not disappointed.

I'm not going to give you a summary. I've tried to write this countless times but it always ends up being really long.

So here's the official trailer.

The Characters


Moana is amazing. I've always hated the fact that Disney princesses end up always having a love interest. I feel like it's a very boring trope and having stories built around them are ridiculously cliche, which is why I was very impressed with Moana.

 She is stubborn yet understanding, she's a dreamer yet still tries to keep up with her responsibilities and she wasn't prancing around the movie for some boy (unless someone ships her with Maui to which I say, hell no. Stahp).

She's sassy, independent, a great leader and just generally a great character that I'm sure a lot of little girls can look up to.
Also, look at how adorable she is as a baby.
This why the ocean chose you you freaking cutie.


He's voiced by the Rock. Need I say more? haha

Totally full of himself was the first thing I thought when they first introduced Maui. I had a very deep dislike for him which quickly dissipated as they continued to show his character development.
 He's just a guy who wants to be loved and would do anything to get that love. And I swear I was gonna cry when he said that his parents actually threw him into the sea when he was a child. That kind of rejection stayed with him this whole time and basically shaped him into the kinda character that he is. 

Oh, he also has a cool tattoo sidekick.

If you don't like Maui, you freaking will.

Other Special Characters

The Ocean

I don't know how they managed to do it but they made the ocean cute. A body of water. Cute.
 You'll definitely love all it's little antics throughout the movie.
 It reminds me a little of Aladdins flying carpet. 

Hei Hei

He's supposed to be cute and funny but I found him to be more annoying and useless than anything else. He is the most prominent animal sidekick in the whole story and literally does nothing nothing useful. 

Okay, I'm being a little harsh cause the pig (Pua), who didn't even follow Moana on her voyage, would have been a better companion to Moana.


This guy is not another animal sidekick but he is worth mentioning because he has a very catchy number that everyone should hear and sing along to. Someone from Disney should also get him to sing the Centipede Song from Charlie and the Unicorn just for kicks.

Also just for your info, Tamatoa means treasure in Maori. #themoreyouknow

Best Moments

Here are some gifs of some of the best moments from this movie.


Sneaking into Tamatoa's lair.




Hei Hei realizes he's in the middle of the sea.


When you realize the Kakamora have watched Mad Max.

What I Liked About the Movie

➤ Visually Stunning

➤ Great Characters & Story

➤ Amazing Soundtrack (Check it out here)


Overall, I think everyone should go and see Moana at least once. If not for the story then for the beautiful animations (I thought that conch shell looked amazingly real) and the great music. I loved everything about it. Even the parts that made no sense. If you find them just remind yourself it's a children's movie and they're basically fighting giant coconut crabs, coconut pirates, and an angry lava monster.


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