Exploring Korea: Top Things To See & Do at Taejongdae, Busan

Located on the far side of Busan, it can be quite difficult and out of the way for some, but visiting Taejongdae was definitely worth it.

One of my favourite things to do when travelling is to check out the local nature sites. There's nothing like strolling through a park, on the beach or even hiking through the forest to relax after enjoying the hustle and bustle of the city.

I was a little bit apprehensive about Taejongdae as it was quite far from the city center and we had to change two trains and take a bus just to reach our destination. While I was already quite confident about navigating Busan's subway, Busan's bus system was another story altogether.

If you're interested in visiting Taejongdae for yourself but aren't sure where to start, here is a list of top things to see and do when you're visiting Taejongdae for the first time!


1. Ride the Danubi Train
When you walk past the entrance of Taejondae you will pass an information counter. Here you can get pamphlets in your preferred languages such as English, Korean, French, and Japanese. 

It is quite a steep climb up. This is a good time to take lots of pictures!

When you reach the rest area, there is a counter where you can buy tickets for the Taejongdae Danubi Train. This little train comes every 5 to 15 minutes and is a great way to see Taejongdae without doing a lot of walking.

However, there are many spots on the tourist map that are no longer open or accessible. I believe they are doing multiple renovations in these areas so you might be luckier than us. 

The Danubi Train Fares are as follows:

Adults: 2000Won
Youths: 1500Won
Children: 1000Won
**over 30 people
Adults: 1600Won
Youths: 1200Won
Children: 800Won
The first stop on the Danubi Train should be the Taewon Pebble Yard, Gumyeosa Temple and South Port View Point. However, these places were undergoing renovations I believe, which is why they were not open to the public when I was there. I also believe that they will reopen again sometime next year. 

2. The Observation Deck
Skipping all of those places, we made our way to the Observation Deck. This place was also partially under renovation. We were able to access the open deck but we were unable to enter the Observation Deck. This place is great for some shots of the sea.

After a quick photo op at the Observation Deck, you can just walk over to the next stop which is the Yeongdo Lighthouse and Sinseon Rock. You can wait for the Danubi Train again but that would be a waste of time. 

So, I suggest walking up the path towards your next destination. While the climb can be a little hard especially if you have elderly people with you or children, the path is smooth and well-maintained. 


4.The Lighthouse & Sinseon Rock
To get to the lighthouse and Sinseon Rock you will need to make your way down. The rocky and uneven path can be quite slippery. So, if you have any elderly travellers with you please do practice caution. You don't want to break anything.

There are adorable stray kitties that wander up and down the path to and from the lighthouse. They prefer the shelter of the trees though as the wind was a little too cold. 

The first place you'll see is the lighthouse. Here you can take more amazing photos of the sea. It was so freaking windy that I was almost swept away. Even other tourists had to hold down their hats and jackets to prevent them from flying away and flapping in the wind.

Onwards to Sinseon Rock. The wind was particularly strong on the way out to the cliff. It was ridiculous. I think it's what being in a typhoon would feel like. The wind combined with the autumn air was enough to freeze me to the bone while the ocean breeze made my hair damp and stick to my head. 

Thankfully it was very sunny that day so we managed to stay somewhat warm.

The pathway towards the cliffs is very uneven. There is no real path and it is easy to just slip on the jagged rocks and get injured. I highly recommend everyone wears shoes when visiting this place.


5. The Taejongdae Gonpo Cruise Boat
The Taejongdae Gonpo Cruise Boat is great for people who want to see Taejongdae from a different view. Unfortunately, my parents and I did not try this. However, I've seen many amazing reviews and photographs about the cruise. 

The cruise boat also takes you around Achi Island where you will be able to see their Camellia trees. You can ride the cruise from 9am to 6pm daily.

Fees are as follows:
(2-12 years)
6000 Won

I wish more of the places were open so we could explore a little bit more. I might come back here in the future just to visit the Gumyeosa Temple and Taejongsa Temple. Even so, Taejongdae was a beautiful place to visit.


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