Exploring Korea: The Best Way to View Gwangandaegyo Bridge & Gwangalli Beach

It's great if you like cold beaches on windy nights.
It sounds like I'm dissing the place but I'm really not.

We were super tired after a day of walking and eating. Honestly, I would have liked nothing better than to just lay down and fall asleep. I almost did haha. Then I remembered that Nuri told me to check out Gwangandaegyo Bridge at night. I was a little skeptical. After all, it's going to be dark, we have to go to Gwangalli beach, it's autumn so it's going to be stupid cold. But I managed to drag my parents there anyway.

At first, I planned on taking trains and buses there. It seemed like too much of a hassle and we were tired. We just wanted to get there without getting lost. So, we took a cab. The trip from our Airbnb place to Gwangalli beach cost less than 10,000W (less than RM30+) and we got to sit down the whole way and enjoy Busan in a way we never could when taking the subway.
A change of scenery is always nice.

Our driver dropped us by the beach and we were greeted with a really nice view. My photos don't even do it any justice. 

You can see Gwangandaegyo Bridge quite clearly and as it was already quite late, they had switched on the rainbow lights on the bridge. 

Again, you can't see them in my pictures but it's there.

Here are some better pictures that are not mine.

If you're planning to see the bridge at night like we did, come early as the bridge lights do not stay on all night. What time? I'm not sure exactly but it's a good idea to go before 10PM just to be safe.

The beach is quite large so you can definitely stroll from one end to the other while enjoying the view. 

It was so cold. As it was autumn, the winds were extra cold and my flimsy sweater and jeans did almost nothing to shield me from the cold. I could feel it seeping into my bones while we walked 
down the beach.

Gwangandaegyo Bridge is not the only sight that you can enjoy. The bright lights and music from the nearby bars, restaurants and cafes are also quite mesmerizing. 

After a bit of walking, we got hungry and decided to try out one of the restaurants.

As usual, be careful of the ajumma "guarding" the front of these restaurants with their menus and loud voices. They are very pushy. It's one of the reasons we ended up at this one restaurant. I don't even remember the name anymore but it was right by the beach.

They gave us a great table by an open window so we could enjoy the view and enjoy our grilled eel, which they so graciously helped us cook. (;w;)

How to Get to Gwangalli Beach

From Chris' Place (read my review of his Airbnb apartment here)
You can take the number 83 (MBC) bus near Bomnaegol Station to 광안리해수욕장 (Gwangalli Beach).

From there, it is just a 4-minute walk to the beach.


Take the train by walking from Bomnaegol Station to Munjeon Station (Green Line).
Ride the train from Munjeon Station to Gwangan Station. 

With this route, it's a little further away from the beach (11 mins walk).

From Busan Station

Take the no. 1001 Bus (Naeri Elementary School) from Busan Station to 광안새마을금고 (Gwangan SaeMaeul GeumGo).


Take the no.41 Bus (MBC) to 서호병원 ( SuhHo Hospital)


Take the no. 40 bus (Yeonhwa Intersection) to 수영중학교 (Swimming Middle School)

I highly recommend you get a data plan that you can use overseas or rent a portable Wi-Fi egg in Korea so you can easily use Google Maps. 

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