Alpacasso Cafe in Mid Valley Megamall with Nuri

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

If you love alpacas and cafes then this is definitely the place for you.

I didn't plan on even coming here but coincidentally, I was meeting up with my friend, Nuri at Mid Valley for a little hang out session when I passed by this sign.

There is no big sign outside to point to the cafe, so you definitely wouldn't notice it was there unless you really look. I don't know how or why but this little banner caught my eye and I knew immediately I had to go. 

There is a small sign at the entrance of the store, but it is not visible or large enough to be seen from outside AEON.

Please note:The Alpacasso Cafe has been replaced with a Pokemon Cafe. 

There were quite a number of people at the open cafe. The sitting space was small but Nuri and I still managed to find a place to sit. 

If you're lucky enough to find a seat near the corners and edges of the cafe, you'll be greeted by these little cuties. 

Almost immediately I took my chance to mess around with them. 😆😆😆

Even the little coasters on the tables had adorable alpacas on them. I was so tempted to take one home with me..... But I didn't.... 

The menu is quite limited and very pricey. However, it does have a lot of adorable themed food and drinks that you can try. 

As you can see the dishes and desserts costs about RM20+. Even the drinks are super pricey. You can't see it properly, but they're priced around RM15+ with the cheapest being their iced coffee and iced lemon tea, which are priced at almost RM10. 😶

As Nuri and I already had our lunch, I opted to try one of their signature drinks, the Cotton Candy Alpacassoda (RM24.80). Yes, I paid that much for a drink shaped like an alpaca's head.

It was huge! 

The alpaca head is made entirely out of cotton candy while the face and the ears are made of a type of wafer. It didn't look edible at first but I ate them anyway. 

You're supposed to pour the soda (which comes in a separate container) over the alpaca head. The soda will melt the cotton candy, which will then sweeten the plain soda. 

I was afraid to spill my soda so I just poured it into the middle of its head.... So a lot of cotton candy didn't melt. haha 😓

Here's how it looks like next to a little alpaca plushie.

Overall, I can't say much about the Alpacasso Cafe as I only had one drink. However, I do believe that it is too overpriced, especially when it came to their non-themed food and drinks. RM9.80 for a short glass of iced coffee is too much. However, if you like cute little themed cafes like these or if you like alpacas, then you'd probably love this place.

The cafe also didn't feel very much like a cafe. It was open air, so the ambiance just wasn't there.

Maybe I'll go back to try the food one of these days. 



1st Floor AEON, Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur.

Opening Hours:
10am - 10pm




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