Walking Down Memory Lane with Neopets!

Someone mentioned Neopets and I just had to go and try it again.

Neopets is a virtual pet website for kids (although I'm sure there are a number of adults that go on here too). If you haven't heard of it then we probably had totally different childhoods.

I don't remember exactly how I discovered Neopets or how old I was when I started playing. But I do know it was during my anime otaku days when I still used Yahoo! mail and my username was sorceress_sakura2000. 

Yes, that was my email and username for a very long time until I forgot my password. haha 

Anyway, Neopets has a number of different virtual pets that you can choose from and you can have a maximum of 4 pets in one account. You can choose among 4 main colours (green, blue, yellow and red) and you can decide what kind of "personality" your pets can have. 

They even have a place called the "Neopian Pound" where disowned pets get put in and other owners can adopt. So, if you're feeling kind hearted then you can head over there and adopt one for a small fee.

Apart from the 4 main base colours, you can even get paintbrushes which can change the appearance of your pet. There are Faerie paintbrushes, Halloween paintbrushes, and a bunch of other paintbrushes. They are super rare though and expensive if you wanna buy them.

So now you have a pet, you need to feed them otherwise they end up like that Shoryu up there. Yes, that's a Shoryu. haha The more you know.

I'm sure my pets from 10 years ago are already skeletons but they can stay "dying" indefinitely until you give them away or they delete your account.

To get food, however, you need money and to get money, you need to play games. When I was still on this website back in the day, I had a few favourite games. I'm happy to say they still exist on the website and have not changed. It's been 10 years and I repeat they have not changed. hahahah

While playing games is all fun and good, you can also explore the rest of Neopia (which is what they call the Neopets world). They have a world map, which is interactive. There are even hidden worlds like Jelly World. 

It was so nostalgic to be clicking through this website again. Seeing all the old Neopets and exploring the maps again was amazing. However, I can say that this game took a lot of hard work, dedication and time.

Want to try Neopets out?

Click here!

Have you played Neopets before or know any other similar websites?
Tell me about them below! :)



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