This Cutie Brightened Up My Day

Sunday, September 11, 2016

If you've had a long day (like me!), here's something to help you cheer up and unwind! Hope you like cats!

While the rest of the world ushers in autumn, Malaysia is stuck in a perpetual summer. We may get rain here and there but you can't deny it can get crazy hot here. Although we were raised to withstand this hot, humid and hazy weather, we can still appreciate the refreshing sweetness of freshly cut watermelon. 

This Japanese kitty is no different but I think it's enjoying watermelon differently. 

Isn't this clip both adorable and calming?

I think one of the best things about the clip are the cats chilling in the background and the adorable twitching of the watermelon cat's tail.

That last scene though. haha

The video was uploaded by Kagoneko Blog's (かご猫 Blog) YouTube channel. The channel regularly post videos of their cats doing everyday kitty things and the watermelon video above is just one of many that were posted during the summer season this year. 

I seriously want to know what is their secret to keeping their cats so still and relaxed. Maybe they're high on catnip during these shoots? I don't know. hahaha

If you can't get enough of kitties and watermelons, here is a little dose of cute for you. 

I really wish I had a cat to give watermelons to right about now. 
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