My Saturdate Cafe Hopping, Eating and Chillin'

I spent the whole Saturday cafe hopping and here are some of the places I stopped by!

So I spent last Saturday with Aainaa cafe hopping. I've never been cafe hopping before so it was my first time visiting all the places we went to. 

First stop after breakfast was at the Bread Shop in Bukit Damansara.

The Bread Shop is a small cafe that serves delicious bread and pastry treats like above. They have a small selection of delicious but man to they look good.

There are minimal seats and a limited amount of baked treats, so if you want to sit and chill while enjoying a delicious Caramel Cruffin then come early. Otherwise, everything will be gone. 

I love tarts and just look at all those beautiful tarts. Aainaa and I bought a couple of delights each. I got two tarts, the Nutella Cheese tart and the Baked Banana tart (I'm not really sure what it's called though... But it is Banana something). Both of them are absolutely delicious.

Next time I want to try their cruffins (Croissant muffin hybrid I think) and that Salted Caramel Cheese tart.

Next, we went off to check out Breakfast Thieves in Bangsar.

Unfortunately, there was a long line of people waiting to get in. It was around lunchtime and I guess everyone had the same idea we had. However, all was not lost as we walked over to the Pulp cafe!

The Pulp was quite packed as well, but we were lucky enough to find seats for two at a corner of the shop. The Pulp was quite small and had limited seats. Even so, they had a really rich iced cocoa that I enjoyed while chatting with Aainaa. 

After a while, I decided to whip out my tarot cards and do a little tarot reading!

I'll be doing a little review of this tarot deck soon! So stay tuned!

The compound around Breakfast Thieves and the Pulp is great for mini photoshoots. So if you're looking to snap a new profile picture or post hipster-like pics on your Instagram, this place is definitely the place to go. They also have a little exhibit for old printing press stuff as the building used to be a printing press. 

Next stop was lunch at Bowery!

It didn't occur to us that Bowery would be just as full as Breakfast Thieves. T_T So we had to sit outside for lunch. Though that wasn't the only thing that got in the way of our lunch. Apparently, there was a huge amount of orders for their milkshakes and we wanted one too because they looked amazing. 

Just watching the orders of milkshakes going out of the kitchen was enough to make our mouths water. If you don't know what they look like, here's a picture for reference.

A photo posted by Bowery KL (@bowerykl) on

So we wanted a milkshake, but it seemed like they didn't want us to order it, giving us excuses like "It takes more than 5 minutes to make one milkshake" or "There are 9 orders ahead of you" or "Oh, we're out of ingredients for that milkshake so we can't make that for you". We said we were fine with waiting, after all, we were going to be eating food while waiting anyway and the man at the counter tries to sell us other drinks like their lattes. As if a latte is equal to the perfection that is their milkshakes. =.=

We continued telling him that we want a milkshake. So he suggested other milkshakes to us. Their staff was making a milkshake in the background and the glass had what looked like M&Ms stuck on the outside of the glass. It looked amazing so we asked for that. The man behind the counter goes, "Sure, but it won't look like that."

That was when we gave up.

If Bowery ever sees this, please make sure you have enough ingredients to make your milkshakes and treat your paying customers better.

Annoyed that we couldn't get our milkshakes, we ordered a Mac n' Cheese and a Breakfast Bagel. They were both so delicious.

Mac n Cheese 
The Mac n Cheese arrived piping hot with a generous amount of what I believe is beef bacon sprinkled on top and lettuce. If you're looking for something heavy and delicious to scarf down during lunch, this is something you should try. 

Breakfast Bagel
The first thing I saw when I entered Bowery was their selection of bagels on display. They had so many different kinds that I couldn't make a decision. In the end, I chose the safest bagel, the Breakfast Bagel. As someone who is a picky eater, I'm glad I didn't find anything I couldn't eat inside the bagel. haha

Last stop was Beans and Beans! 

Aainaa and I were talking about desserts and she got so excited when she remembered Beans and Bean's bingsu. So we drove all the way Citta Mall to enjoy a cooling bowl of green tea bingsu. 

Cafe hopping was fun, tiring and deadly to my wallet, but it was great being able to spend time with good company. 

If you have any great cafe suggestions, leave them in the comments and I might go check them out!

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ


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