The Austin Heights Golf and Hotel Resort: Travel and Comfort

While we were in Johor we stayed at the amazing Austin Heights Golf and Hotel Resort! This place has everything...

Seriously. It does.

At first glance, it looks like a regular old golf club where you go and play golf on the golf course. Yes, it looked like it was all about golf to me. In fact, the Austin Heights resort actually has an 18-hole championship golf course and clubhouse!

The Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort can be found less than 30 minutes from Singapore if you go by the EDL link and can also be found about 15km from the Johor Bahru causeway. You can find it on a small hilltop that overlooks the new Austin Heights area. The view from this place is beautiful! My pictures don't even do it justice. haha

We arrived at night so we had a dinner buffet waiting for us. The buffet consisted of butter rice, grilled chicken, sausages, grilled corn, satay, an assortment of desserts, and soup. Everything was delicious and freshly cooked.

Next are our rooms. I was expecting regular sized rooms. You know the rooms you get at other resorts and hotels. The Austin Heights resort has no rooms like that.

This is what our rooms look like.

Look at all that space!

Keep in mind this is a "regular" room. This is not one of their suites.

It was HUGE! The room had two King-sized beds, a television, lots of power outlets (for your electronics), a refrigerator, a water boiler, and a closet (which was quite large). The bathroom was was large as well. The toilet and shower were separated with doors from the main bathroom. It also had a bath tub and came stocked with shampoos, body soaps, shower cap, towels, a hair dryer and more!

There are no physical switches for the light in the rooms, however. Everything is controlled with a console located on the side of the beds. I found this out the hard way when I accidentally pressed the Master switch button and turned all the lights off while my room mate was taking her bath..... I can still remember the scream she let out and me screaming "SORRY! SORRY! SORRY!" as I moved quickly to turn the lights back on. XDD Never again.

Here are the other rooms that Austin Heights have to offer. They are all spacious and offer amazing views! You can find their hotel room rates here.

After freshening up, we went back downstairs to have a short karaoke session. Although I didn't take the stage, it was nice to sing along with everyone else.

To end the night, we were given the opportunity to experience Austin Height's in-house cinema!

While the cinema itself only fit a small number of people, they had amazingly large seats that come with pillows and free blankets. The chairs are reclinable so you can adjust them to your liking too!

The next day we were given a tour of their golf course! 

We were even given the chance to drive around in their buggys!

Here are some of the other facilities we got to enjoy while we were there.

Gym & Changing Room
Other Facilities
  • Bowling Alley
  • Swimming Pool
  • Tennis Court
  • Gym & Changing Room
Overall, it was a great experience staying at the Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort. I would like to thank the hotel management for being so kind and patient with our questions and being so hospitable during our stay there. I would definitely come back here if I had the chance.

To find out more about this place, make sure to visit the Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort website here.



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