Kat Von D Lipstick Haul from Sephora Malaysia

Monday, August 08, 2016

Blogging, tarot, good company and makeup to make a great weekend. 

In the beginning, I honestly had no intention of getting Kat Von D beauty products. The brand had been released in Sephora for a couple of weeks now I think and I still hadn't dropped by Sephora to check any of it out.

When you're always late to the party, this is what happens. haha But at least I've finally hopped on the Kat Von D train! 

Before I talk about the haul, here's a little background as to why I ended up getting a lippie. 

I wanted to blog but I also wanted some company. So I invited a good friend of mine, Mariah to accompany me at the Coffee Bean in Nu Sentral for the day. She recently went to the Sephora Turns 5 event and received a Sephora voucher. She was eager to use it and so, after blogging, doing some tarot spreads and general catching up, we headed off to Sephora.

I think we spent close to an hour (or more?) in Sephora running around and trying products. I can't tell you how many cotton pads we used trying on lipsticks, BB creams and other stuff while we were there. haha

I tried the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks and fell in love! BUT they only had a few left in stock and I wanted one of the reds. :(

In the end, Mariah decided to get her lipstick in the shade Prayer. 

Did you know that if you buy 2 Kat Von D products, you get a free tattoo liner with your purchase? We didn't. This made her end up getting me an advanced birthday present in the form of Kat Von D's lipstick in Vampira. Score! XD

Here's what everything looks like:

The packaging for the lipsticks have a sort of raised textured that mirrors the lipsticks. They tell you the shade of your lipstick on the top, the ingredients contained on the back and the expected expiry on the bottom. 

The lipsticks themselves have a unique raised studded texture. The shades are indicated on the bottom and the Kat Von D motif on the top. 

I would've taken a better swatch but we didn't want to "damage" our brand new lipsticks so we took light swatches. haha On the right is Vampira and the left is Prayer. 

Overall, I'm happy with the shade I got. However, these lipsticks can get a little bit patchy if you apply too much. You need to blend them a little so you can get an even coverage. They're also a little dry? I'm pretty sure they're not matte lipsticks as you can still see a little bit of shine after you put them on. Just keep these things in mind before you purchase them especially if they bother you. haha

Finally, a selfie with our lippies on. :)

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