Fujifilm's Photowalk Contest: Snap, Run & Deco

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Last weekend, I participated in Fujifilm's first Photowalk Contest and it was so freaking tiring!

Fujifilm had an event on the 20th to the 21st of August 2016 at Berjaya Times Square. Part of the activities held at the event was the Photowalk Contest. While Fujifilm had other contests, I only participated in the photowalk contest. 

While waiting for Iday and Islam to arrive, I took the opportunity to look around. 

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Here is a cool photo wall by Mandy Gioh titled Visual Poetry. The photos were quite interesting with many interesting subjects. One of them was a picture of fake cockroaches, which was disgusting anf yet visually pleasing too. I really liked this. Maybe I should try making a photo wall of my own at home. haha

Apart from cool exhibitions and booths, Fujifilm also had a bunch of cool activities lined up for everyone. From photoshoots in kimonos to makeovers. There were photobooths and props so you could dress up and have your pictures printed out there and then too!

There was even a eyebrow makeup tutorial by beauty YouTuber, Zamrina Zamrim. Let me just say her makeup was amazing and she was really quite helpful and friendly.

There were also booths for Fujifilm products. In fact, you could purchase Fujifilm cameras for special prices throughout the duration of the event. From their professional digital cameras to Instax film. You could find them all at their booths. The staff were also very friendly and helpful.

Now on to the Photowalk contest. For the contest, we needed to enter in pairs with at least one person owning a Fujifilm Instax camera. Luckily, I owned one, so I signed up with Ida. When we arrived, we were given a pair of t-shirts and a goodie bag that contained one scrapbook type Instax album and a box of Instax film with 10 shots. 

We were given a list of tasks/places we had to take pictures of. The contest started at 3PM and we were given 2 hours to complete everything on the list including decorating our photos and photo album. That was not a lot of time. Berjaya is a giant mall that you can easily get lost in.

Thank goodness for 4G. If there wasn't a map available, we used our wits, asked random people or just simply Google. 

By the time it was 4.30pm, we hadn't even finished everything on our list so we split up. I headed to off to decorate our photo album while Ida ran off to complete the rest of the list. In the end, we still didn't have enough time to complete everything, so there was a lot of unfinished pages and hastily drawn random art here and there. Although what annoyed me the most was the staff. While I don't want to complain, they could have been more helpful and less rude to contestants. 

Here are some of my favourite shots from the contest!

Yes, that is me behind that shirt. I dont what I was thinking but the picture turned out better than I expected. 

The above is actually one of my favourite pictures. We had to take a picture at the cinema. So we took this funny picture of Iday posing with the Suicide Squad display. It was so funny and I think it turned out great. 

This is one of my favourites because it was one of the most difficult challenges on the list. "Take a selfie with a foreigner". The first people we approached flat out rejected us, so we were feeling a little anxious about approaching other people. In the end, this shot was taken because this guy didn't understand English. #awkward

In the end, we didn't win. haha

No surprise there. However, overall it was a great experience. I wish they did give us more time to complete their tasks and make sure that everyone had enough scissors, glues and pens to decorate. 

Even so, I'm pretty happy with the prizes we received. Iday and I each received a goodie bag with 4 packs of film. So at least all that running around didn't go to waste. 

Lastly, here's a shout out to the wonderful and friendly staff at the GSC counter. Thank you for helping us and being so nice. 

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