Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park: Get Ready for a Wild Ride!

We spent an afternoon at the Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park and it was awesome!

The adventure and water park is just a short drive away from the resort that we were staying at. We hopped on our bus that afternoon and headed over.

This park is divided into 4 different areas -the water theme park, the adventure park, the discovery park and the sports & leisure park. In each of the areas you'll be able to enjoy different activities such as ice skating, drift car racing and even ziplining.

The water theme park consists of a number of different areas as well. However, some of my favourites include the Austin Wave Pool, the Super Surf, the Yellow Wall, Rainbow Hood and G-Force Alley. Other things you can expect at the park are the Lazy River and the Tropical Cabanna.

The first ride we went on was the Yellow Wall. It is one of their most popular rides and also one of the scariest. The first time we headed up to the platform, we brought single donut floats with us not knowing that you need a double donut float. So if you are going to go on this ride, please grab the double Islam was kind enough to run back down and come up with one. I went on the ride first with Iday. I will link her post here when/if she has posted it (I'm pretty sure there is a video of us screaming like children).

As it is a water park and I have no waterproof cameras, I don't have any pictures to share. But here is one from the top of the Yellow Wall.

Other rides you should try out would be the Racer Bowl and the Supersurf!

The Racer Bowl is a little bit suspenseful as you have to ride out the little bowl to get to the little hole in the centre. I actually thought that I was going to get stuck, but don't worry, the water will make sure that you get to where you need to go!

Racer Bowl
 The Supersurf ride is different from all the rest. For this ride, you don't need a float. You have to grab one of the blue flat yoga mat shaped foam things at the end of the ride and instead of sitting on it like you do on the floats, you lie on your belly and zoom down the slide like Superman.

 If you're tired of slides and screaming, you can walk over to the Austin Wave Pool and just chill by the shallows or go for a swim near the deeper end. The waves can be quite big, but you'll be fine even if you can't swim.

Or you can just take a round trip on the Lazy River!

After floating around the Lazy River, we headed to Splash World! Splash World is a place for children, but we went up on it anyway. The slides are large enough for adults so if you're bored of the bigger rides, head here to be kid again. 

Splash World
If you are not fond of water, you can check out the other cool activities offered such as the Ice Skating Rink, the Drift Car Course, the Suspension Adventure Rope Course and finally Jump Street. 

The Suspension Adventure Rope course features 7-course routes and 51 different types of obstacles! If you have never done a course like this before, don't worry! They will give you a quick crash course about all the things before you start your adventure!

Below the rope course is the Drift Car course! This course lets you drive little drift cars around a small course. These drift cars aren't like bumper cars or go-karts. They have no brakes. You only have an accelerator. So if you want to stop, you just have to ride it out and wait for your little drift car to stop before going on your way again.

This is a great way to end the day after playing in the water.

If you're not interested in drift cars, try out the Tropical Ice-Skating Rink or jump around the trampolines in Jump Street!

Overall, Austin Heights Water and Adventure Park was a great and fun experience! The park has a number of great activities for everyone. It's definitely perfect whether you are on a trip with friends and family. I would definitely come back here again if I have the chance.

Want more information about Austin Heights Water and Adventure Park? Check out their website for park prices, opening times and more here.



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