Swiss Army Man Movie Trailer

If you've never watched a movie about a guy who becomes friends with a flatulent corpse, then you're in for a treat.

If you're not interested in weird movies like this then click away. Because flatulent talking corpses are just the beginning.


I came across this movie when I was looking for Daniel Radcliffe movies. Yes, I was looking for Daniel Radcliffe movies. I had already watched his movie "Horns" and it was super great so I wanted to watch another of his works.

Before showing you the trailer here is a little summary of the movie.

Basically, Hank (played by Paul Dano) is on a deserted island. He is alone and has given up hope for any rescue. He is about to commit suicide when he sees a corpse of a man (played by Daniel Radcliffe) washed up on the shore. He is definitely dead but nevertheless, Hank starts talking to him and one day he starts talking back! It turns out that Daniel Radcliffe's dead body is VERY useful in a number of unorthodox ways at least. Using his multipurpose body, Hank finally makes it back to civilization but things happen and now he's lost in the wilderness.

 Now, here is the trailer for your enjoyment! Isn't that an amazing thumbnail? hahaha

Here is their official red band trailer! It's funnier and yet again Daniel Radcliffe's mouth is wide open in the thumbnail. hahaha

Manny (Daniel Radcliffe), I think your wang is guiding us home. It’s magic. - Hank (Paul Dano), Swiss Army Man 2016.

The Swiss Army Man was first shown at the Sundance Film Festival (an annual film festival which features a number of independent films) and received mixed reviews. It had a unique story and has a unique way of addressing themes like isolation, loneliness and true love so I understand why some people would be kind of weirded out. I love weird things like this though haha.

It was written and directed by Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert and will finally be released to the public this June 17! While those of us in Malaysia will have to live with the fact that we might NEVER see this on our silver screens, the Internet is a wonderful place where you can find many things. If you catch my drift... hahaha

Other cast members include  Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Timothy Eulich and Richard Gross.

“I’ve just finished a film called ‘Swiss Army Man’, and it’s 100 per cent the weirdest thing I’ve ever done. And I wouldn’t have been sent that script if I didn’t have this reputation for doing weird stuff.” - Daniel Radcliffe
I can't wait to watch this!

What about you? Know any other movies like this? Share them with me in the comments! :)



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