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May Favorites 2016

This month is movie month! With a little bit of outdoor fun! lolol

There is no hiding the fact that I have been lazy this month..... This is basically my second post for May....


A valid reason.... haha

I've recently started a new role at work. It's been fun but also tiring. I always end up going back late. I can't ask for overtime because apparently my department doesn't get overtime.... I don't know. It's been hard.

Nevertheless, it doesn't mean I haven't been enjoying myself this month too!

Here are some of my favorite things (mostly movies) from May 2016!


Captain America 3: Civil War
Watched the movie the week it came out. As expected, I didn't like it. haha I don't like it when friends/comrades fight. Especially when it's something stupid. Some people might not agree with me, but hey, that's my opinion. Black Panther was a great addition, can't wait to see his movie! 

Thermae Romae 
Thermae Romae is a Japanese movie about baths and bath culture. It is about this Roman architect who travels through time by being sucked into baths. He ends up in modern day Tokyo and is surprised at the bath culture of Japanese people, which he then takes back with him when he travels back to Rome. The whole movie revolves around culture, love and fate. It's a great story with many funny moments! 

I don't really watch movies like Killers unless there's something in it for me. I like thrillers but I like this one in particular because Kitamura Kazuki is in it. He's the guy from Neko Samurai and he also appears in Thermae Romae. Yep, I've been looking for movies with him in it and ended up watching quite a few. This movie is about killers, specifically serial killers. There are Indonesian actors in it too? Which I find quite surprising, but Japan has a very close relationship with Indonesia's film and TV industry!

Dragon Run 2016
Dragon Run was the only non-movie noteworthy thing from May hahaha. It was lots of fun. There was drama too but I'll leave that for my post. If you look at the pic above you can see a group of Dragons tiredly walking back after 3+ hours of activity. Although we walked for most of it, it was still a good workout. ^^


The more I look at this list, the more I'm reminded about all my pending posts..... I need to write reviews for all these movies..... I'll go write them now....

Hopefully I'll be more active in June!



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