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As a cat owner, you probably know that feeding your feline friend is an important part of their daily routine. But did you know that how you feed your cat can impact their health and well-being? One way to improve your cat's feeding experience is by using elevated cat bowls, which come with several benefits.

The Postcard Shop in Penang

A great place for hobbyists and tourists alike. The Postcard Shop in Penang offers more than 200 different types of postcards!

If you like to send and receive snail mail, or if you enjoy Postcrossing like me, then this shop in Georgetown, Penang is a great place to visit.

With 200 different types of postcards available, you can be spoiled for choice. If modern postcards are not for you, they also have some vintage ones on sale. You can purchase their postcards individually or in sets.

If you're more artistic and would like to design your own postcard, they also have a bunch of blank postcards that you can draw, paint or stamp on! :)

You can see all their postcards clearly arranged on the racks. I remember almost hyperventilating when I entered the shop. I really loved postcards and they had so many beautiful ones!

They also have a rare writing paper called "Aerogramme". They're used for people who want to write more things to their loved ones. 


If postcards aren't your thing, you can take a look at their wide range of ink stamps and inks pads. You can use them on your postcards, letters or even arts and crafts. 

Another great thing about this store is that you can write and send your postcard right then and there! 

As long as you purchase a postcard from them, you can use their ink stamps for free! So just pick out a postcard, put your design/message/stamp on it, slap on a postage stamp (which they also sell) and just slip it into the post box in front of the store. 

They will also happily help you mail out postcards that you didn't purchase from them. 

International mail requires a 50 cent stamp while local mail would need a 30 cent stamp. :) Remember to write your address in full so that it won't get lost!

 If your mail doesn't reach its destination, you can check their Facebook page for more information! The Postcard Shop actually posts about lost or returned cards on their Facebook page in the hopes that the senders would be able to see it. Super nice of them right?

Above is one the postcards I purchased while I was there. It is one of my favourites and I actually purchased two! haha One for myself and one to send out. I recently sent out this one to the Czech Republic. :) I hope it reaches its destination safely!




No.57, Gat Lebuh Chulia
10300 Pulau Pinang


[Some images in this post are provided by and are available on The Postcard Shop Facebook page.]



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