Shooting on my Holga

Sunday, April 10, 2016

I've said this before and I'm going to say this again, sometimes your first photos aren't the best. Haha

This is my Holga 135BC. Please excuse the dust. haha I had to fish it out of my camera box for this post. :)

The "BC" stands for Black Corner. It's referencing the vignette to the corner of your pictures. If you don't know what a vignette is, it's just basically darkening the corners of your photos. It adds character and a vintage feel.

It takes 35mm film unlike the regular Holgas which take 120mm film. I got this camera because I fell in love with the dark corners and random flares on the images I saw online.

Although the camera claims that it gives your images a vignette effect, this will not be true of all your images.

I found that my images taken in bright lighting had no vignetting, but images that were taken indoors in fluorescent light or outdoors late in the evening had only hints of darkening at the corners.

At this moment, I still have a roll of film inside my Holga. I think it's been in there for about 4 years. Haha whoops. I might just take it out again, but first, I need to find a place to develop my film. ^^
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