Godzilla Resurgence Trailer [シン・ゴジラ]: I am Excited

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Recently Toho released a trailer for their new Godzilla film called 'Godzilla Resurgence' or 'シン・ゴジラ' in Japanese. I love Godzilla and kaijus in general so I was super excited!

Now, I'm sure whenever someone mentions Godzilla you either think about that atrocious excuse for a Godzilla movie from 1998 (not my words, I liked that movie) or 2014 monstrous giant Godzilla who played dead. Well, they're both good don't get me wrong. But nothing beats the original Godzilla movies from Japan.

This adorable black and white Godzilla is from one of the earliest Godzilla movies ever made. Yes, there is a man in that suit and yes, old Godzilla is an adorable mofo. 

The thing that I love so much about Toho's Godzilla movies is the everything you wouldn't expect. From bad acting, questionable logic, the weird costumes to even the badly made kaiju costumes and special effects. All of it, all the things that all most of us that have grown up in a time where CGI is king would hate. I love the cheesiness of it. 

I can happily say that I have watched every single Godzilla movie ever made. They made me happy, frustrated, angry and some even made me cry. And I rarely ever cry when I watch movies. It's not my thing. 

So when I found out that Toho was making a new Godzilla movie I was through the roof. They announced they were going to be making one in 2014 after the Hollywood version was released, but I never kept track. haha oops? 

Below is one of the movie posters.

As you can see, the movie is coming out on the 29th of July 2016 (my dad's birthday woohoo!) and I can't wait to see it.

I hope that they keep to the old style Godzilla movies where they have a suit actor stomping around a miniature set and crashing through buildings, but maybe I'm being wishful. After all, it is 2016. We can create whole worlds with CGI now. 

Check out the trailer:

I personally don't like the trailer as it doesn't really tell me what's going on. But I guess that's the beauty of it? I will be more keen to check out the movie since I don't have a single clue as to what the story is about. Why is Godzilla glowing red? Is he a zombie? Why is he a zombie? Why do they all look so serious? Who on Earth are all these people?!

So many questions.

I could very easily Google the story but where would the fun be in that? I would much rather be surprised when I watch the movie. So if you want to find out more, feel free to consult Mr. Google for more information. hahaha

Nevertheless, the visual language of the movie is amazing. There are many amazing perspectives that make us feel as if we are a part of the scene. Like that scene where Godzilla's tail swoops past above you!

Another thing that makes me excited is the fact that most of the shots are in daylight! Which means we get so see Godzilla in all his glory! I really hated the 2014 Godzilla movie because everything was so dark! All I wanted to do was get a good look at Godzilla throughout that whole movie. I only got to see him when he was passed out during the end of that film. Ugh. 

Overall, I'm happy to see my favorite radioactive lizard making an appearance on the silver screen again. Although I have a lot of questions and reservations about this movie, I am keeping an open mind. 

Godzilla can fly guys. Just thought I'd share that before I leave you with some information about the movie. #LOGIC.

Directed by: Hideaki Anno & Shinji Higuchi
Produced by: Minami Ichikawa & Taichi Ueda
Screenplay by: Hideaki Anno
Music by: Shirō Sagisu


Hiroki Hasegawa
You might recognize him as Shikishima from the Attack on Titan Live Action Movie.

Yutaka Takenouchi

Satomi Ishihara
She's also from the Attack on Titan Live Action Movie. She played Hans. 

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