Georgetown Street Art in Penang

Saturday, April 02, 2016

I love art. So when I found out Penang had these little gems strewn around town, I couldn't wait to go exploring.

This is what the whole thing looks like. Those crates are put there so you can pretend to be the cat and get kicked in the ribs by Bruce Lee. The crates are pretty sturdy, but you should still be careful when climbing up there.

Honestly, I wonder what his problem is with that cat. hahaha

I love street art like this. Some may call it vandalism, but not in Penang. These little gems give tourists something to look forward to while they walk, cycle or trishaw around town. They are everywhere.

Although we didn't get to see them all, it was still nice to spot them here and there while driving around town. Some of these pieces are big as well. You'll be able to spot some large ones on the side of buildings, but they aren't as readily accessible as the smaller ones.

This dog is one of my favorites. It's bright colored and adorable. Paired with its dull, battered and run down surroundings it seemed to pop out at me. 

Another favorite of mine is this one of a child pulling on the leash with a dinosaur attached to it. It's an interesting piece because the dinosaur looks so cartoon-like but the child is drawn with so much detail. 

I laughed out loud when I saw it.

This dino and child are found right next to the motorcycle, as you can see below. If you look at the wall as a whole, it seems like the boy on the motorbike is looking worriedly at the dinosaur running towards him. It also makes it look like the child pulling on the leash is a little crazy cause that dinosaur obviously wants to eat that other kid. XDD

When I say that street art is hidden everywhere, I mean everywhere. Remember to check every alleyway for hidden gems like these cats below.

The cats spanned along a long alleyway behind the Fire Station. All across the white walls were just little black cats. 

This alleyway is located nearby China House. Just walk towards the Fire Station and walk through the alleyway behind the building. Don't do this at night please. hehe

Occasionally, you do find some things that are considered vandalism. But sometimes, they are more than just random scribbles on the wall.

There's a number of other street art pieces I didn't manage to take a picture of. Make sure you go hunting for them whenever you're in Penang.


Some tips:
  • If you plan to rent a bicycle, keep in mind some of these are along gravelly or rocky roads. You might not be able to cycle on them.
  • Go sometime in the late afternoon when the sun is not so hot. You can get an angry sunburn.
  • Bring a lot of water if you're still going in the afternoon.
  • Don't walk around these spots alone. Even in the daylight it's dangerous.

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