Canon Selphy CP910 Printer Review

Tuesday, April 05, 2016
Earlier last week I splurged and got myself the Canon Selphy CP910. When I was first looking for a portable printer, the Canon Selphy did pop up a lot, but it wasn't as small as the LG Pocket Photo Printer or the Fujifilm Instant Printer. So I crossed it out of my list. 

Yet here I am, another printer in my collection and writing a review. σ(≧ε≦o;;)

I had to wait a lot to get this printer. Not because it was being shipped from overseas, but because our local couriers are ridiculously slow..... But that's for another time I guess.

My first impression of the Selphy was that it was big. Bigger than I thought it would be. Since I own both the LG PoPo and the Fuji Instant Printer, when the package arrived for me I didn't know how to take it home with me. I don't drive to work and all I had was my backpack. σ(≧ε≦o)

So anyway, I got home and immediately set everything up. Below are the items contained in the box. I heard that there was going to be a trial pack with 5 sheets and an ink cartilage for you to try out the printer. I guess they skipped my box? I'm not sure. 

I recommend everyone who's thinking of getting this printer to watch reviews on YouTube. If you're not the type to read instructions like me, then videos are a great help. However, there is one thing you should refer from the manual and that's the connection setup. I think I spent about 10-15 minutes wondering what the fuck I did wrong.  

When I finally got it to work, I printed a few pictures. I decided to go with a 2 in 1 layout and a 4 in 1 layout. So one sheet would produce 2 to 4 pictures at once. Not only does it save money, but I think the smaller prints are more adorable.


1. More Bang for your Buck
Since you can choose how your pictures are printed, you can save a lot of money by printing 4 pictures on 1 sheet.

2. Good Quality Prints
Unlike prints on the Fuji Instant Printer and the LG Pocket Photo Printer, the Selphy prints better quality pictures. If you're looking for print shop quality prints, then the Selphy is good to consider.

3. Versatile
You can even go crazy and try out different collages. If you're into scrapbooking, journaling or whatever, this is a great printer to have.


1. Setup is Difficult
Like I mentioned before, I had a pretty hard time connecting to the printer. BUT that's probably just user error. You should be able to get everything working if you read the manuals.

2. Not Portable
This isn't a portable printer. You need to plug it into a power source to use it. There is a battery pack you can purchase to take it anywhere with you, but I personally wouldn't. Unlike the other portable printers, it definitely won't fit into your bag easily.

3. Image Quality Changes
I had my failures as well. I don't know what caused it yet, but a set of photos I printed came out EXTREMELY pixelated. It could be the collage app I used or even the photo app I used to take the pictures. Just keep this in mind.

4. Size is Smaller than 4 x 6
The information on this printer says that it prints 4 x 6 postcard sized pictures. That's not the case. The images are slightly smaller than the 4 x 6 stated. So if you're looking to put your pictures in an album, they might look funny.


Overall, I personally think that this printer is amazing. You can go crazy with this printer, get quality prints and save a lot of money at the same time. I plan on using this printer for Postcrossing, but I have yet to find out if I can send pictures through the mail. Though the paper is sturdy but to say it would survive 60 days of traveling across the world...

If you have any questions leave a comment down below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


If you'd like to purchase one for yourself, click the images below. You can even see my review at the bottom hahaha. :) Happy shopping!


Don't forget the printer paper!

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