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Break your Fast with Dorsett Grand Subang's Ramadan Buffet

Are you guys excited for Ramadan? I am because Dorsett Grand Subang has prepared an amazing spread of authentic Malaysian cuisine that is sure to appease your hungry tummy after a long day of fasting!

Recently, I was invited to preview Dorsett Grand Subang's upcoming Ramadan Buffet! I was very excited to learn than they had a number of amazing Malaysian food on their menu, which I'd like to share with you.

Some things that stood out to me were the desserts such as the Badak Berendam and Kuih Lapis, and their dishes like the Sup Tulang Kambing and Roasted Whole Lamb (which they carve right then and there for you).

However, before I get to the yummies, let's talk about entertainment!

While you enjoy your food, you will be treated to performances by Geng Wak Long. They perform traditional and contemporary music genres such as the 'Wayang Kulit'. You can also enjoy the sounds of traditional Malay instruments while you dine. They are a very lively and entertaining group and are happy to share their love for traditional Malay music and instruments with you if you're curious enough to ask!

We enjoyed a few warm up performances by Geng Wak Long and then a short speech by the Area General Manager of Dorsett Grand Subang, Hugo Gerritsen. You can see him below. :) 

Then it was time to feast. As you can see, there was no holding back and we filled our plates with a little of everything, which of course includes DESSERTS! Yum yum~

Here are some of the foods that my friend and I really enjoyed! 

Sup Gearbox
If you're a fan of this dish then be excited because they have it! I've honestly never tried one with bones this big! It was as delicious as it is big. 

Sup Tulang Kambing Berkentang
The little pieces of succulent meat was AMAZING. They just fell off the bone and the seasoning was great. Definitely my fave. I loved it!

Sup Isi Ketam dengan Jagung Manis
Dorsett really had their game on when they made all the soup haha. This one was a sweet corn soup with little pieces of crab. Super light and delicious! 

Nasi Briyani Gam Ayam
Believe it or not, this was the first time I've tried Nasi Briyani (don't judge me) and I loved it! It was very fragrant and the nuts gave the rice some amazing texture.

Roasted Whole Lamb
I saved the best for last. 
Look at that glorious thing. If I could, I would've eaten half of it myself.... It was perfectly cooked and seasoned it was hard to turn away and eat other things after I had a piece. You can find this at the carving station where they will carve perfect pieces of meat for you.

Dessert-wise, I was having a hard time trying anything because I had already stuffed myself with so much food. Even so, I managed to squeeze in a few bites of dessert just to try them. Their best is definitely the Kuih Lapis, Bubur Chacha dengan Keledek, and Badak Berendam. Their Onde Onde was great too. Everything was soft, moist and definitely reminded me of traditional Malay desserts. 

Bubur Cha Cha dengan Keledek
Onde Onde
Those were some of the best dishes we tried at Dorsett Grand Subang. But it doesn't mean that their other dishes weren't great too! Here are some other great dishes that you and your family might enjoy. 

The Chili Crab
If you love seafood and love crabs then you'd love this. For some of you who can handle a bit of heat, the sauce might not be that spicy. It kind of reminded us of sweet and sour sauce with a bit of a kick!

Roti Pak Ali
This one was a bit of a surprise. It looks like a sandwich but it reminded us of murtabak. It was like a murtabak stuffed sandwich, which is great if you ask me. It was also a little spicy, for those of you who don't like spiciness (like me lol). 

Sambal Sotong Petai
Assorted fruits

Now that I've whetted your appetite, here is the menu that we got to try at the preview. However, the full menu will have more delicious dishes for you to try and enjoy!


Kerabu aneka laut
Kerabu Jantung pisang
Kerabu pucuk ubi
Kerabu mangga
Sambal mangga, sambal tomato, cencalok, budu dan tempoyak
Ulam-ulaman segar

Sup gearbox
Sup tulang kambing berkentang
Sup isi ketam dengan jagung manis

Main Course
Nasi putih
Nasi Briyani gam ayam
Sambal sotong petai
Masak lemak nenas ikan masin
Ikan keli salai berlada
Braised baby kai lan with garlic oyster sauce

Carving station
Roasted whole lamb with mandy rice

Warong tok din
Mee rebus dengan iringan

Buah-buahan tempatan
Badak berendam
Onde onde
Seri muka
Puteri Ayu
Kuih lapis
Bubur cha cha dengan keledek


Overall, the food, service and ambience was great. I felt very well taken care of by the staff while I was there and of course I was so stuffed. 

While we've only managed to see just a preview of their Ramadan buffet spread, expect to see much more dishes and desserts.

I'd like to thank Dorsett Grand Subang for inviting me to the preview and for this little gift. I really enjoyed myself. haha


At only RM140 nett per person with all that food and live entertainment (from Friday to Sunday), it is definitely a steal! So don't forget to grab your Early Bird Vouchers (at 25% off) at the Dorsett Grand Subang Ramadhan Counter at the hotel lobby!

This offer can only be purchased from 1 May to 7 June 2016.

The Dorsett Grand Subang also has another Ramadhan offer called the "Flavours of Ramadhan @ Terazza Brasserie" if you want to indulge in international cuisine instead. 

For more information, feel free to contact them through the telephone number below! Or you can get their deal on Groupon for RM75!



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