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Personality Test: Which Would you Do First?

If there were a million things you had to do, which would you do first?

Everyone's priorities are different. This is a simple personality test you can try to see what you find important in life. Is it money? Family?

If you were alone in your house and there was a baby crying, someone at the door, a dripping tap, your phone is ringing and your clothes are drying outside but it's about to rain. 

Which would you do first?

Arrange your answers from the first to the last thing you'd do.

Below are the answers my friends and I provided. As expected, everyone's opinions differ and,  as a result our answers were different too. There was a discussion why we made the choices we made.

Everyone had their own reasons for their choices. Some found crying babies to be annoying so they thought that the baby should be taken of first. While others felt like the baby was perfectly capable of waiting for attention, because they might need more care.

I answered:
  1. Baby
  2. Door
  3. Phone
  4. Clothes
  5. Tap
For me, living things take precedence. Babies are especially important since they're babies. While the person at the door could be a delivery man with one of my parcels. There's no freakin' way I'm driving all the way down to Poslaju to collect my parcel.

Ida, who is married, thought that the person at the door could help with all the other things in the house. She assumed that the person at the door was her husband.

As for the tap, some felt the dripping tap would be the most annoying but the easiest to deal with. So it was first on their list. To me, I imagined the tap is a broken tap that's why it's dripping and should be dealt with last because fixing the tap would waste my time.

Other people made their list based on the layout of their house, which made it so they had to deal with certain situations first before other things. 

Have you made your choices?

Here are the answers:

The first in your list is what matters most to you and the last on your list represents what matters least to you.

As you can see, family is the most important to me and money is least important. This surprised me because I thought I was pretty money minded.

Did you have friends who chose to save their clothes first? (  ^∀^) ehehehehehe

Share this with your friends and you might be surprised with their answers.



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