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Friday, March 25, 2016

My Top 5 Cartoon Shows from my Childhood

I still enjoy watching cartoons nowadays, but I can say I enjoyed them even more when I was younger! Here are my top 5 cartoon shows from when I was a kid.

Hey, Arnold

Hey, Arnold will always have a place in my heart. I don't think I ever missed an episode! Maybe.... Astro and Nickelodeon were notorious for reruns.... haha

I think I also shipped Helga and Arnold a little too hard. If you don't know what "ship" means, it's another way of saying I want them to end up together. XD

Totally Spies 

This cartoon was so popular among my friends. I think we even started acting like them for a while when I was in primary school... Oh, gosh I'm embarrassed just thinking about it....

My fave character was definitely Alex. For some reason, I could relate to her character more than I could with Sam or Clover.

Codename Kids Next Door

Codename Kids Next Door was amazing. Their treehouses were amazing, the crazy things they do are also amazing! I need to watch this again. Number 5 is a fave of mine and so was Number 1. I wish they made different versions of Codename Kids Next Door for different parts of the world!

The Powerpuff Girls

Another show my friends and I emulated when I was a kid was the Powerpuff Girls. I was Bubbles I believe... Ended up growing up into Buttercup though.... hahahaha. This cartoon was full of questionable villains and scenes. XD

Aah! Real Monsters!

Aah! Real Monsters was another great one. Oblina was definitely my favorite character in the whole cartoon. I don't think I ever missed an episode of this show either.

Have you watched any of these cartoons when you were a kid? Did you enjoy any of them or did you prefer other shows? Tell me about them in the comments below! I'd like to hear about it! ^^

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