My Love Hate Relationship with RapidKL Malaysia

While a typical commute is uneventful, there are times when I question the sanity of the people working at My RapidKL.

My RapidKL is one of the main companies for public transport in Malaysia. I, like so many Malaysians, have to take at least one of their transport services to and from work every day.

If you've ever taken any form of public transport in Malaysia, then you'd know how temperamental these services are. Sometimes they're great, heck even amazing! Other times, you just want to run across the tracks to spite everyone.

Here are just some of the things I've experienced the past year as a My RapidKL commuter.
  1. The Angry Bus Driver. I've had multiple experiences with many different bus drivers but I had never been so upset with one before. It was a normal day. The bus arrived and left at the scheduled time with a bus full of women. While en route, the bus driver kept ignoring us whenever we rang the bell. It was dark and he chose to drop us a significant distance from where we needed to be dropped. His reason? There was no bus stop. When we told him that other bus drivers just dropped us wherever we needed to be dropped, he snapped at us and started yelling profanities. It was a bus full of women and we had to sit in there for a full 30 minutes and a round trip because he made us miss our stops. I reported him on Twitter and never saw his face again. Good riddance. 
  2. The Racist Bus Driver. This was when I was living in a more international neighborhood during university. There were a bunch of foreigners and obviously many of them didn't know the customs when going on a bus. This one woman (I don't know where she was from) was last to board the bus and asked how much it was to go to her destination in English. The bus driver took one look at her and spoke to her in Malay calling her "stupid" and told her to go back to her country. He didn't even answer her question and took her money and drove off. While he was driving he kept yelling out to her at the back of the bus the whole time until she went off. 
  3. The Hungry Bus Driver. I get it. People need to eat. People get hungry. I don't know about this particular bus driver but he was probably new. It was 9.30pm and the buses stop running at 10pm I believe. So I was in time. He let me scan my tag, enter the bus and sit before telling me he's hungry and telling me to go take a walk. I didn't want to get off the bus because I was literally the only person at the bus stop. So instead of sending me home, he put me down near the shop lots which was 15 minutes away from my house. Waste of money. There should be more buses so drivers don't have to skip dinner like this and cause trouble for passengers.
  4. The Drunk Train. This happened recently. You know how trains sometimes stop a little off target? Yeah. This happened all throughout my journey from Hang Tuah station. The worst was at my stop where the train stopped prematurely and left the back half of the train stranded with no way out. But I could also mention the time the train opened the wrong doors and almost made people fall onto the tracks. Lol train your drivers better.
  5. The Unexpected Guest. This one was the worst for me. I was the first passenger on the bus (this is related to the hungry bus driver) and was greeted by this GIANT cockroach in the middle of the bus. It was just walking around nonchalantly like it owned the whole first half of the bus. Needless to say I tweeted at RapidKL and had the following exchange with them. 

Let me just say that this isn't the first time I have communicated with RapidKL on Twitter. Whenever I mentioned any concerns about the buses or trains, their staff would always reply me on Twitter. It was nice.

So if you have any issues, problems or concerns about their services, try and send them a line at @AskRapidKL on Twitter. 

Do you have any bad experiences with RapidKL? Tell me about them in the comments section, I'd like to hear about them. :)

Have a nice day!



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