Help Me With My Nose Hair

Monday, March 28, 2016

On today's Advice with Clare: Do NOT leave your Skype unattended. Because you might regret it. XDD

Occasionally, maybe once in a blue moon, some unwitting person would leave their laptops open at their table and head down for a smoke, go for a toilet break or attend a meeting.

Needless to say, it was VERY entertaining. XD

Here is how the conversation on Skype started.

At this point, I was already looking around at my friends and colleagues. Trying to make sense of the situation and conversation I was reading on Skype.

It was soon apparent to me that M wasn't really M and someone had taken control of her Skype. 

Now a little background information. M is an Italian and this is not the first time someone hacked her Skype.

By this time, I was already tearing up from laughing. I mean, who wouldn't be? XD

While I was crying from "I don't trim and tell", the owner of the Skype appeared. Apparently, S from our department was responsible for this hilarity. 

There's nothing like long nose hair to keep you awake and laughing at work on a lazy Friday afternoon. 

Seriously though. Never leave your laptop unattended. XD 

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