Klepto Cats - Another Neko Atsume?

There have been a lot of cat game apps and I believe we have Neko Atsume to thank for that. Klepto Cats is one of those games slowly gaining popularity, but is it just another Neko Atsume?

Let me just say that this is my first impression of the game. I haven't read anything about it, but I do know that the Apple Store and Google Play have been promoting it lately. 

**WARNING! This is a long post!

Opening it up for the first time, it looks cute. Look at all those cats! 

Very Neko Atsume yes?

This is what the loading screen looks like.


After a few seconds, a number of cats will start flashing on the bottom of the screen and the words 'Tap the cat to stop' will appear. Tap the cat and you will get your first cat!

You actually have a second chance to get a different cat, but I was happy with my first selection.

This is mine! His name is Fayer. He looks like he's made out of magma. haha I love him.

The first thing he says to me is "Your room is empty. BORING!"

Gee, thanks Fayer. ._.

It will ask you to send your cat out and after waiting a while, they will come back with random items, which you can use to fill your room or coins, which you can use to purchase accessories and other cats.

Below is the screen that pops up when you send your cat out. The duration of timer actually increases later on in the game, but it's okay because they have a little mini game you can play while you wait for your kitty to return. The game also lets you earn some coins while you play too!

Ta-dah! He stole some things! Normally stealing is frowned upon but apparently its okay if cats do it.  I guess that's why they call it 'Klepto' Cats. haha

The items they steal for you are automatically placed in your room. You can't rearrange them. 

This is what your whole room looks like.

One thing that gives this game a leg up against Neko Atsume is the fact that you can also pet your kitty! 

There is a little Mood bar on the top left corner of your screen. This bar affects your kitty's ability to find items when you send it out. You can still send your cats out when the bar is 0 however.


This is how you keep your cat's mood up!

I love this. It's more involved than Neko Atsume and makes me feel closer to my klepto kitty. haha

You can find other things like the inventory, the Cat-alog, shop, boutique, daily rewards and settings in the album.



The game also has currency. I don't know what the purple marbles are called though. Like Neko Atsume you can convert your purple marbles to coins and vice versa or you can purchase them through the shop. This means you can slowly but surely collect all your cats without spending anything.

The purple marbles are used to unlock new cats. A pop-up like below will appear when you get a new cat and that kitty will be equipped as you new klepto kitty. :)


I like my Fayer, so I re-equipped him. 

You can see all your cats in the Cat-alog in the Album menu. 

When you tap on a cat, you can read a little about them. Unlike Neko Atsume, each cat does not have an album of their own and you can't take pictures of them say for the Share button on the bottom left of the screen. 

With 100 different cats, I totally understand.

To select the cat you want, select the "Choose Me" button next to the cat. :)


These cats do not interact with the items in your room, they just stand on the bottom of your screen. However you might be able to spot your other cats loitering around in the background. :)

Overall, I'm in love with this app. I like cats and I like games like this. Simple, adorable and a great way to waste some time whenever you're bored. 

The only similarities I see between this game and Neko Atsume is the fact that they have adorable cats and that you're 'collecting' cats. If you liked Neko Atsume, then you might enjoy Klepto Cats too!


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