Exploring Japan: Visiting Neko Lobby (ねころび) a Cat Cafe at Ikebukuro

Cat Cafes were at the top of my list when I went to Japan. So when I went to Ikebukuro, I knew I had to visit ねころび (Neko Lobby = Cat Lobby).  (^._.^) Because cats.

At the time I was with a Japanese friend who was showing me around. I'm glad he was so patient with me the whole time I was there. I wanted to go to Sunshine City to go eat the ice cream but it was closed for renovations until summer (I was there during winter FML). So we headed back towards the train station and walked around the surrounding shops, when my eyes saw a sign.

I pointed at it and immediately pulled my friend towards the building. I swear I honed in to that sign like flies to shit. There's probably a better way to put that, but whatever.

It was a weekday at the time so there weren't as many people in the cafe as I thought there would be.

Neko Lobby Rules:
  • Wash your hands before handling the cats
  • Do not disturb the cats if they are sleeping, let them wake up on their own
  • Do not carry the cats
  • Do not use flash when taking pictures
The staff do not speak English (when I went there at least), but I could speak Japanese so they managed to explain the rules to me.  (^・ω・^✿)

Everything in the room from the iPads to the charging docks are free of charge. The vending machine is also free of charge, so don't be shy (like me) and just get a drink or two.

Each of the cats had names, but I no longer have the brochure they gave me with the list of cats and their names. T_T It's been years okay. That pamphlet is probably rotting in some landfill somewhere.

The first thing I noticed was how quiet it was. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE was so freaking quiet. They even whispered to each other when they spoke. I believe it's so that the cats don't get stressed but my cat at home lives in a noisy environment and it's doing fine... lol

You can pet the cats no problem and even play with them using the cat toys lying around. Most of the cats were asleep when we arrived so we only got to play with a few. The other cats, as you can see from my pictures, were asleep. haha

Still adorable though.

They didn't have all of their cats out of course. They rotate them so they get to rest. However, some cats weren't allowed to walk around because they didn't get along with the others. XD

If you get hurt by a cat, the staff will treat you with first aid but will not refund you or pay for your hospital/clinic bills if it ever comes to that. A good tip: Do NOT irritate the cats. Cats will be cats and they will scratch you if they feel inclined.

I didn't have an accident like that happen to me while I was there. Probably because I was too busy snapping all these pictures. (=´∇`=)

Yes, they made a little house from a cardboard box for their kitties. (^・ω・^❁)

The kitty below looked so fierce but seemed to be posing for me when I took out my camera. Hahaha He actually stayed in that pose until I was done.

He looks like a mini lion.

This fluffy guy below was hogging a bean bag and didn't like when I stuck my lens all up in his face. He meowed really loud and I apologized... to the cat. Yeah..

Yes. That is a TV with cat programs on it.  I forget if it was videos of their own cats or actual TV programs that featured cats.

Gonna stop talking now. Enjoy the cats :3

Overall, it was a fun experience. Your hour could just fly by in a blink of an eye. Would I go back? Yes, but probably to another cat cafe just to see what the others are like. This cat cafe is great for anyone passing by Ikebukuro or staying nearby. The staff are friendly, it's clean, the cats are happy, adorable and fat. Free drinks and lots of petting opportunities. :)


Address: Japan, 〒170-0013 Tokyo, Toshima, Higashiikebukuro, 1−28−1, 3F
Phone: +81 3-6228-0646
Opening Hours: 11AM–10PM

  • 1st hour = 1,100 yen (weekdays), 1,300 yen (weekends, holidays)
  • Afterwards = 300 yen/15 minutes (weekdays)
They have special packages now and again, but it's best to ask about them when you arrive or beforehand if you can.

Social Media

Official Website **English

**Everything is in Japanese on their FB and Twitter.


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